Talk Macros to me

James, Talk Macros to me. Will you offer different macro ratios of Huel in the future. Such as high fat high protein low carb. Or maybe you’ll offer this as Bulk, Cut or maintain.

As it stands the version available already makes it easier to meet whichever of the above goals depending how much of it I add in. That said, for people who really want to hack their Macros, cos they hate tracking… Is there a market for you to offer that? I think so. :+1:


The macro split we are most often asked for is very low carbs / keto.

It not James’ favourite split but we appreciate some people respond to it so will reconsider it in the next year.


Hi @PhilW

Let’s talk macros!

Like Julian says, we’ve been asked a lot for a low carb Huel, so yes, in 2016 we may be formulating something. Although, it’s not what I’m a huge fan of, I appreciate others are and some metabolisms respond well to low carbs.

Bulk, cut, maintain is not something we’re looking at - just because I’m heavily involved in the bodybuilding scene, don’t forget Huel is primarily aimed at ‘normal’ people; so we don’t want to confuse people.


Thanks for your replies. Well I love your product and I have been suggesting it to a lot of ‘normal’ people too. I don’t feel I need low carb, but I may want to one day.

Ok, the concern I’ve had with Huel is the relatively high-carb formulation. What I find interesting in the FAQ is the specific mention of carbs being added to keep cost down, otherwise they may be a lower proportion. Well we are a health-nut demographic! Believe me when I say I love low cost, but I’d also like to know that I’m getting everything I need.

My major issue with the higher-carb formula now is that I find it very normal to “forget to eat” as well as practicing intermittent fasting on occasion. I love the idea of food that doesn’t require you to have crashes when your metabolism switches. I know that when I’m on a ketogenic diet for long enough, I never have headaches or random episodes of fatigue and neither do I have weird tastes in my mouth. So basically, I’d like a liquid version of this experience that doesn’t require me to top-up on carbs every so many hours to stay away from the crash.

Your 2 cents? And +1 to keto version.

A low carb Huel is being discussed.

The current formula is not high carb though: nutritionally it’s moderate carb.

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James, any ideas yet what sort of ratios you’ll be aiming at for the low carb version?

I’m incredibly insulin resistant so what works best for me is less than 25g of carbs/day. But obviously others will be happy on quite a bit more.

Personally I’d be looking for something that gives me 2000cals (approx) with something like 160g fat, 125g protein, 25g carb. That’s just me though, I suspect it’ll be hard to please everyone!

Here are a couple of good resources I use.

Hi Cheb

We haven’t started on the low carb version yet, so I’m not sure on the ratios - it will partly be dictated by the amounts of the natural ingredients.

Do you think it’d be possible to give us Huel in a “choose your own macro” formulation? By giving us the constituent parts as separate bags?

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Hello Huel, I love the product very very much and have been able to loose weight with it when trimming calories per daily intake. I plan on continuing to use it for the foreseeable future. But a low carb version would interest me a great deal. What is the status of this possible new option to the Huel family? Thanks for any information you may share!

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