Low carb/Keto Huel

I think I’ve seen this mentioned somewhere in the forum but I thought I’d make a thread dedicated to it, I sure there are some people on here that would like to try Huel but are on a long term carb restricted diet.

It would be awesome if there was a version of Huel that allowed people to stay below 20/30g or carbs per day.


Hi Keefah,

Are you sure it’s a good idea to go quite that low with carbs?

However, one way you could increase the protein (and therefore reduce the total carbs somewhat) would be to add in some rice protein powder. You can buy 1kg bags on eBay or Amazon. If you wanted to increase the fat too, you could add some flaxseed oil, for example. Of course, all this will change the flavour.

If you wanted to be more precise about it, you could make your own recipe using the calculator at https://diy.soylent.com. You could use Huel as the base, then add other ingredients and see what the carb/protein/fat levels come out at.


A lower carb version is something we’re looking at in the future.


With this in mind, how about the opposite? a higher carb lower fat option for us carb lovers? Theres a big high carb low fat vegan community these days and I know I’d love a lower fat version. I understand this may not be a big priority though :slight_smile:

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If there genuinely is a big demand for a product, we’ll look at variations.


Just wanted to add my support for low carb Huel! Has there been any progress with this?

The only reason I would switch back to traditional food is to go on a low carb diet, as I find it’s the best option for me when I want to cut weight. A low carb version of Huel (in fact, zero carb would be even better as you could mix it with regular Huel to create the exact carb % you want) would mean that I wouldn’t ever need to restock my kitchen!


I’d be keen to try a Low Carb, High Fat version.


I think a Keto-Huel product would sell very well.

I’ve done Keto and spent 2 weeks on 0-20g carbs p/d. It was hell.
Most difficult thing was finding 2000+ calories worth of food that didn’t include carbs, nightmare.

If there was an easy shake or powder for this, it’d make a lot of people’s Keto experience easier.

I do a lot of sports so depend on the Carbs as fuel, so not for me but I imagine there’s a lot of people out there who’d love it.


I would like a low-carb version of Huel too.


I’d like to add my support for this too. Great to have a solution if you want to go on a cutting cycle but stick with Huel and get your RDAs.

Actually, while not something I’d be particularly fussed about, I’ll speak on behalf of a friend who’s been on a very low carb diet for some time (and lost a lot of weight), heard about Huel and thought he try it as it sounded great, but really felt quite ill (headaches, not dehydration related, too) and he attributed it to the increased carbohydrates, so has now stopped but would been keen otherwise.

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If I can speak from experience, I was 25 stone 2 years ago and fell victim to the low carb fallacy for weight loss, in doing so I didn’t replace my carbs with adequate fats and I effectively crash dieted my way to 16 stone.

Calories are king, once I started bringing carbs back into my diet I had far more energy, trained with greater intensity and my results were far better.

I’ve had to relocate for work which means im now travelling a lot more so I just ordered a weeks worth of Huel to use to bridge meals I would have had, looking forward to seeing the results.


You can be in ketosis if you eat less than 50g carbs per day.

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Yes, that’s the generally accepted maximum figure.

I have tried the keto diet many times, but realise it’s never going to be life-long, and rumours are it can lead to depression. Now I am following the intermittent fasting method, and am having really good results. It means I can eat twice a day and almost what I want, plus I reap the neurological benefits, and I may live longer with a much much lesser risk of getting Alzheimers before I am 80.

Ever tried I.F?


Personally intermittent fasting wouldn’t work for me.
I like to eat every day and need the energy as I’m very active.

I would consider going back to Keto if there were a zero-carb shake alternative to the miserable meat, gravy and sugar-free jelly keto diet.
Get’s rid of the excess water/bloat nicely but have to get through the initial 5-day nightmare first!

I’m not really looking at losing any weight, just want a healthy and balanced diet without having to cook anything - as I’m emphatically lazy in the kitchen.

Keto-Huel @Julian ? :yum:

It means you eat every day. This is Intermittent fasting, and not fasting as traditionally practised. One can eat breakfast and then you wait till the evening till you eat your next meal, no snacking allowed either. You can also miss breakfast, but eat at lunchtime and at dinner. This is why it’s called Intermttent fasting…you go without intermittently.

Keto is really a totally unnecessary diet, and is absoulte tripe compared to the Intermittent Fasting protocol. Professor Mark Mattson is the world’s foremost scientist researching Intermittent Fasting.

I learnt everything from him. It’s really worth watching his brief and simplified TEDx presentation.

Give it a go, you have nothing to lose. :smile:


Thanks for the information, I am genuinely interested in different diets and eating patterns, but this wouldn’t work for me.

I don’t miss breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day for me. Get the metabolism cranking and a boost of energy for almost half a days work.

I eat 4-5 meals per day (mostly all Huel at the moment) as I burn anywhere between 800-1500 calories most evenings. So it’s unwise for me to miss a meal.

I just don’t see the point in randomly missing meals? I guess it works for some, but to each his own.

All I see from the above is that you lack energy at various points of the day for what reason? Weight loss?

As I said above, each to his own, but I can’t that you’ve posted any supposed benefits to this yet?

What you don’t try, you can’t possibly know. Also are you telling me you understand how IF works and the benefits? No. Oh well I guess you aren’t the type that like to experiment and use proven scientific research.

Maybe you should stick to the failed methods and the myths that you seem to believe in. Breakfast do not get the metabolism cranking, only exercise/drugs can do that.

Strange how you don’t even look into IF, because I have tried every diet, from extreme keto, CKD, calorie controlled, high protein diet, Highcarblowfat, but only Intermittent Fasting gave me fantastic results and it does make you tired at all.

Why not read up on Intermittent Fasting and give it a go.


Are you an IF salesman or something? Really pushing this thing hard!

Once again, each to his own.
I never claimed to know exactly how IF works, that’s why I’ve been talking to you this morning/afternoon.

I know what my body needs to work most efficiently, and that’s frequent meals throughout the day so I have more than enough energy each evening to push through 90+ minutes hard cardio.

I don’t imagine IM would help me in any way, shape of form as fasting will deplete me of energy at various stages in the day, which is counter-productive for me, personally.

You still haven’t told me what your goal is here?
Why are you fasting? Is it for weight loss?

And regarding the snarky; “No. Oh well I guess you aren’t the type that like to experiment” - You’re talking to a person on a HUEL forum, fella!

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