Low carb/Keto Huel


More science for you regarding Intermittent Fasting and it’s effect on cells. Surely this is important to your health concerns?


Sarcasm is often my downfall, but it’s often unintentional :smile:

I am into weightloss and I want to get my BMI to a healthy level and reduce my blood pressure fasting glucose, LDL,HDL, CRP to numbers I was when I was 21

No, i am not a salesman, besides there is nothing to sell, I just wish people would be made more aware of simpler and proven methods of weightloss/dieting. Even after 30 years of trying diets, and fitness methods I am still researching, and IF is the best I have ever come across.

IF does not deplete you of any energy, in fact its makes you more productive. But you wouldn’t know as you never tried it…(no scarcasm)

Science never lies.

It’s not fasting, but Intermittent fasting.

Well good luck.


Unfortunately your time and effort is wasted on me fella.

As stated earlier, I don’t need to lose any weight and my BMI is great so there’s no need for me to fast.

I’ve already got a good program going for me and have had so for the past few months.

Someone else on here might be interested in fasting on here though, who knows.

Good luck with it.


Just wanted to register interest for a low carb version. I believe a US based soylent clone offers one.


I am also really interested in a high carb, low fat and low protein Huel! Something like 80% carbs, 10% protein and 10% fat.

Maybe in the future you could offer us customers 3 options? Regular Huel (as now), a high carb version (low fat and protein) and a low carb (high fat I assume?). That would be awesome! =D


Wow, really cool to see so many people interested, maybe there’s a chance after all!

As for health/depression concerns, I can only speak for myself but I’ve been in keto for two and half years, and not only have I lost all the weight I wanted to but my general health is great and my heart risk factors that doctors normally look for are normal. And I’ve never felt depressed because of the diet.

Its cool that someone mentioned IF as well, seeing as it’s more about when you eat and not what, I’ve IFed while on keto as well and felt the benefits of both!

Hopefully we’ll get some variations in huel soon enough.


What’s the point of doing any of these diets? I started on Huel 2 weeks ago. I’m having 12 scoops a day = 1938 calories. And I’ve lost 10 lbs, without feeling hungry.

Huel is the best diet I’ve ever been on, just as it is. Properly balanced intake of food, and exactly the number of calories I want, with no messing about.


I know some medical doctors (particularly oncologists) who would be very interested in a quality complete Ketogenic Diet powder, for their patients.

I am aware there are some Keto Soylent varieties. But for the same reasons that I prefer Huel over the other regular Soylent versions and imitations, I would like to be able to recommend a Keto Huel to my associates. I would also experiment with it myself.


Hi, first post from a new Huel customer. :smile:

I have my first bag of regular Huel on the way to try. But I’d be really keen to switch to a ketogenic version of Huel instead. I have followed LCHF for quite some time after getting a diet plan from Tim Noakes and it works fantastically well for me. I dropped from 120kg to 97kg in 4 months following LCHF (but without restricting calories). I’m one of those people who anything more than 20g/day carbs seems to halt weight loss immediately. I can still lose weight with more carbs, but then I need to restrict overall calories massively resulting in always being hungry and having less energy to run (I run ultras). LCHF works best for my by far.


I would buy a low carb version… I have gone from 22 stone to 14 stone over the last 6 years by controlling carbs…

Just ordered my first pack intent to add extra MCT oil in the morning.


You don’t randomly miss meals. Usually you have a daily window where your eating happens of maybe 6-10 hours. So it’s actually a very regular period of not eating. The results help with weight loss, maintenance, health etc, but basically what’s happening is your body is becoming insulin sensitive for the period you run without it, so most of the problems that are noticed or unnoticed with metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes are effectively neutered.


I’d be interested in a Keto friendly low carb Huel product, costs permitting.


Hi, could you make an extra carb base to add to the standard Huel? instead of making another version of Huel, looking at it like an extra option, like a flavour?, would be more cost effective as a business and give those who require the higher carb dosage the option. Or maybe you could recommend and extra powdered carb base we could add to the standard Huel? thanks for your time


Hi @rooguk - we’ll review all options for future additions and variations as the company grows. Thanks for your idea.


I’m new to Huel, and absolutely loving to so far. However, I’m diabetic and the 40% carbs is too high for me. I’m considering buying some no-carb protein powder to mix with huel to reduce my carb intake but am somewhat concerned I will miss some of the nutrients if I do this (I.e. Adding a couple of hundred cals of protein to each 500-odd Huel meal), so I just wanted to add my wish to this forum for a low carb version.
I don’t mean anything extreme, just even a 20-30% version or something would be fantastic.
Huel could be SO incredibly useful to diabetics but as it stands at the moment carb content is too high to keep my blood glucose readings within ‘normal’ limits on its own.
Any news on a low carb version?


We are still considering a low carb version of the specifications you mentioned. Do you find that currently Huel leads to a spike in your BG? There are many diabetic Huelers that use Huel successfully, but obviously everyone is different.


Hi, just chiming in here as I work in neurosciences and thought it would be useful to point out that ketogenic diet can help in the management of several health conditions, for example epilepsy related to glucose 1 transporter deficiency. Ideally this should be undertaken under surveillance from a qualified dietician to monitor bloods and ketone levels.

Keto would be a niche market in this respect, but not “totally unnecessary”.



Made an account strictly to support a carbcarb / Keto version of this… look at KetoChow from America which has been really successful there, but shipping is expensive.

Make it happen please!


Can I also throw in a vote for a keto version? I’ve had good success with low carb before and on the back of the conversation with David have started to look into IF and how I can do this with the current HUEL I have…


Keto/low carb. At least something with 50% fats as Soylent has. The advantage of the keto shake is that you can add all the electorlites that prevent keto flu and possibly, but this would need research, the thingamajig that prevents kidney stones.