Keto blend

Love Huel products but recently started on a Keto Diet, I think a Keto lifestyle is becoming more popular and I think there would be great demand for a Huel Keto Blend/product. Even SlimFast have created a Keto range of products.

I have seen the post/thread about adding desiccated coconut to Black Huel but it would be great to have a dedicated Huel Keto range of products ready mixed.

Is a KETO range in the pipeline?

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There’s always a risk with any diet trend - to cater and market products specifically to that - as, with any trend, they don’t last forever. It’s true that ketogenic diets have had more traction than others recently, but that’s not to say they will last – diet trends usually last just as long as it takes for a newer/better/faster option to take hold in the public consciousness (South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, Volumetric, Macrobiotic etc).

These tidal waves of popularity also present the possibility that consumers enter diets like keto or intermittent fasting for example, without fully knowing the risks they present to people with certain medical conditions – such as severe diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease.


Thanks for your suggestion Asif.

The short answer is no for now.

A ketogenic diet is all or nothing. So, if people had one “Huel Keto” meal a day and ate a normal diet otherwise they would be massively increasing their fat intake for little reason.


@Dan_Huel Thanks for the reply. Is there any way to add a Poll to the post? I am sure that I am not the only person that would like to see a Huel Keto product. Anyway, hope that you guys might consider it in the future. Regards

Hi. Yours is not the only keto query. Have you tried putting keto into the search box for a bit more on the subject?

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No you’re not the only one! It’s one of the reasons why we created the articles you linked to.

When you’re typing a post you can see there are some grey icons above your text box. Click on the cog wheel on the far right and there’s a “build poll” option.

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