I'd love a product that can achieve ketosis while being complete, anyone else?

I know Huel has recommended in the past to mix Black Edition with shredded coconut to help achieve a ketogenic diet but unfortunately it’s not nutritionally complete. Am I the only one who wants this?

Outside of its regular medicinal use – Keto diets were very popular during the last decade, but interest in them has been in sharp decline since 2019. The International Food Information Council’s Food and Health survey showed a consistent drop in popularity in that period while Google search data showed interest in the keto diet in a steady and steep decline - from a peak in January 2019, searches were down 66% in 2022 and down 77% in 2023.

I think it would be a brave brand to consider launching new ranges into that diet at the moment.

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A few have asked for keto Huel in the past it but James Collier has said previously it is not something Huel would make.