Keto do you think they will brong out a keto version

Hi i;m new his forum, i have had the bars which i lived also the ready to drink
do you think they will bring a keto version out

I shouldn’t think so although you can modify Black Edition to be more Keto compatible.

I actually thought the Black version was the keto version. The lower carbs and higher protein seemed to indicate that to me.

Modify it?

I’ve tried 50g Huel black and 50g desiccated coconut. You need a good blender and must like the taste of coconut.

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The BE is more Keto friendly, but you can’t stay in Ketosis while having a 2000kcal from Huel BE, since it would give you 81grs of Carbs.
To stay in ketosis you can at max reach a 50gr - it would be actually less than 10% of your total intake


Ah, fair. Probably because I’m surviving on around 800 Calories a day my carbs are sufficiently low and I am staying in ketosis. (Test sticks confirmed)

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