Keto Huel

Can you please create a Keto Huel Product.

Can you please use the search button and read all the previous threads about Keto Huel.

But I can save you the time. The people behind the product development have all but said that they won’t be creating a Keto Huel. Huel is a mainstream product and Keto is not a mainstream diet path and is better served by Keto food specialists.


Thanks for the message, Eddy. I appreciate your interest, but as admin on here I do agree with @Coup. Let’s get into that search bar! A quick search of Keto shows a lot of good topics you could join in with!

We have a little prompt at the top of the page too when you join

If you have a drastically new take on the keto debate for Huel then a new topic might be right. But in this case, joining a recent topic popular topic about keto would be best. So please do have a bit of a read around and enjoy!

I will lock this thread to encourage this. But if you have any questions about how to work the forum then drop me a DM and I will help you out!