Hot & Savoury Keto

I was looking for something worthwhile and instant for lunches grabbed between zoom calls.

Huel Hot & Savoury really fits the bill. Easy to prep, tastes good and is going down well. It’s really converted my I’d tried Huel before but really couldn’t get on with sweet flavours.

Like the world and his wife I’m looking at a keto diet. I’m already dropping carbs but at the moment my biggest source of carbs is Huel Hot & Savoury,

Any chance of a keto version?

Answer here:

BTW Why so many people asking for keto Huel nowadays?

Do check out the other topics on this subject! Adrian has linked below to a comment I made earlier today about how to use the search bar. It’s helpful to talk about topics all together, since someone might have made the same point you have before and you can join them in conversation to discuss it. The forum isn’t a suggestion box but a literal forum :slight_smile:

Hope that’s fair! You can read more on Keto and our views on the benefits, or lack of benefits of keto here