Huel 1000!

Just got a nice shaker and a t-shirt. That’s a really nice touch, thanks! :smiley:
If only had there been a Huel Keto, I would have probably been in the Huel 10k-20k range by now :cry:


Welcome to the 1K club, and I am glad to hear that you like your merch! Hope you will wear the tee with pride :wink:

For now, a keto Huel product isn’t on the agenda, however, never say never!

Having said that, did you know that Huel Black Edition could be part of a keto diet depending on what else you eat throughout the day? Please check out this low-carb hack to create a Huel Powder that fits in with a keto diet using just desiccated coconut. It contains 6g of available carbs (net carbs) per 555 kcal meal.

Let me know what you think!

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Thanks, Dom :). I would prefer something ready-made like KetoComplete by Genesis Foods. The company is no longer operating which is unfortunate as their KetoComplete was delicious and super convenient. They made their latest formulas available online - maybe Huel would like to take a look when you guys make a decision to start offering a keto option, here:

I recently joined the 1k club! I fell like a YouTuber with its plaque, let’s go for the diamond! Lol… thanks team Huel! :muscle:


3/5 of the way there, still got a ways to go!

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