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Hi all,

TL;DR: has anyone tried KetoGenesis? (the product not the biochemical process)

New to the forum. I have been enjoying Huel for a few months now and recently bought the bars.

It is my wish to get on a keto diet. I have seen Huel James Collier’s suggestion of adding whey protein isolate and desiccated coconut to up the fat (and protein) content. I also optionally add MCT oil and (sometimes) double cream to up fats more.

I am not fully versed in biochemistry so I don’t know if low net carbs can still get you into keto or whether there needs to be a gram limit. So I am not entirely sure I am drinking something (Huel) ketogenic.

Which leads me to search and stumble on a cool website called, which lists as many soylent variants available worldwide. I sorted the list by fat. The product with the highest fat content comes from Australian brand primalkind, which is around £3.87 per meal, UK delivery. Which isn’t bad but there must be cheaper

I moved through the the list until I saw a UK one called KetoGensis by Genesis Foods. And it looks interesting.

Anyone tried this brand? Anyone have any thoughts on this subject matter? Whether it be another alternative, or adaptions to the current Huel? (ideal because I love Huel and have bags left that I will use up). As much as I appreciate people that aren’t in the know about low carb, it would be ideal if people here wouldn’t try persuade me away from it. But this is an open forum so say what you will. For sure you can ask what my goals are.

I must add that I don’t like posting about other products on here, but at least know that I am not affiliated with them.

And as soon as Huel bring out a keto version or even a low carb one, I will be one of the first to buy and try it!

Looking forward to your comments :grinning:


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not tried it…but a regular poster on the forum can tell you all about it…as it is their product.

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I was following a Keto diet for 4 months with some success but then I developed an overactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism). My GP told me to stop the Keto - which she didn’t understand the concept of. I have done a lot of reading up on Keto and Thyroid and some sources state than an excess of dairy could lead to an imbalance of thyroxine. But many people manage to continue on Keto for a long time with no issues.

The My Fitness Pal app is awesome for helping you track your macros and help you make informed food decisions.

Eating out was a lot easier on Keto as I could just eat burgers with cheese and no bun! Or bacon and eggs with cheese. Basically cheese with anything! And I got through a LOT of double cream. I also used MCT oil to help me reach my fat intake.

Since being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, I had been eating a so called ‘normal’ diet but felt like crap most of the time so recently switched to Huel and a plant based diet and now feel awesome. I would like a lower carb version of Huel to be available too because I still like to eat food whilst minimising my carb intake.

I wish you luck in your Keto endeavours and hope it works out for you.

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So don’t eat dairy on a keto diet :slight_smile:

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@IcyElemental can tell you all about KetoGenesis.
I’m using it right now and I’m very pleased with the banana flavor. Nutrition-wise the formula is great as far as I can tell.
I’d say there is no keto-friendly alternative in Europe so go and try it :wink:

PS: I’m also a regular Huel user, but when I’m going to reduce my carbs it’s not suitable. You would either get to many carbs or not enough micronutrients.

Best regards from Germany


Do you do anything to test that you are in keto?

I’d like to try it as I hear Keto can be good for headaches which I get a lot of, but worried I’d do it wrong and not go into keto.

Would a regular meal once in a while knock you out of ket? How long does it take to get back in?


I have been unhappy about there not being a ketogenic variant of Huel for years now :sob:. Heaving a vegan keto Huel would be great :star_struck:. Just stopped my keto to try the new 2.3 and granola but probably going back (i.e. off Huel, unfortunately) in about two to four weeks :disappointed:.

That is an option but it would be much harder to eat enough fat per day without dairy as cheese and cream especially, contain high percentages of fat. I couldn’t eat enough other fat containing foods to reach my macro goals without.

You can purchase KetoStix - little strips that you pee on to tell you your ketone levels. Very easy and quick. I found mine on Amazon - about £8 for 100 (
It depends on the regular meal. Once you are fully in ketosis it is easier to maintain but if your ketones dip just get back on track again. It took me a few days to get back on track after a day of carb binging!
Good luck - hope it goes well for you!

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Well, it depends on your body whether a day with 50g carbs will kick you out of keto. I stay unter 20g and add 15ml of MCT.
It definitely takes a while to get deep in keto so you probably shouldn’t cheat on the diet.
Some affordable test stripes can help you find mistakes you’re making. I added to much protein at the beginning which led to glyconeogenesis.
PS: A good fat source is olive oil. You can avoid dairy by using more oil.

Thanks, will check out those sticks if I decide to go for it.

How long would you say roughly it takes to go deep into ketosis?

I cannot really tell, but I know that MCT C8 oil helps quite a bit to get into keto faster.

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I’ve agreed with the Huel guys not to talk about our products here as it feels a little wrong given this is the Huel forum - we have plenty of information elsewhere for those interested, but I won’t go into detail here.

KetoStix are ok, but shouldn’t be taken as super reliable - you can be in ketosis without showing it on the sticks, because if you are very hydrated, the ketone markers it tests for will be too diluted in the urine. The only really reliable way to test is blood testing, but that’s expensive/inaccessible for most.

To develop on this a little, ketosis will begin after about 3 days (during those 3 days you’ll be getting rid of your glycogen stores, and peeing a lot as a result). After that, you’re technically in ketosis, but you become more and more fat-adapted (ie better at deriving energy from fat instead of protein) over the course of the next 1-2 months or around 6 weeks. After those 6 weeks, if you’ve been strict, you’ll be pretty much maximally adapted.

C8 can help a lot, as can normal MCT oil, but its effect on the strips is partially misleading as the ketones that are detected early on are converted directly from the oil itself as opposed to your body fat. However, MCT oils (especially C8) can help a lot with energy levels, though having too much before you build up can lead to quite bad GI distress. Starting with just 5ml per day and building up from there is wise.


The Information you shared above is great. I have been reading all you shared here. In this you explained everything very well. If i want any further guideline we will contact you here.

I love you long time

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