Huel Black v Keto

In the Huel Black nutrition it states that there are 17g Carbs and 6.6g Fibre. Does this leave it at 10.4g Net Carbs if I was following a Keto Diet?

Thank you Gary.

Huel Black alone isn’t quite right for proper Keto without tweaking. There’s more info over here but essentially to make it work…


Just to add to Tristan’s helpful comment in the UK and EU the carbohydrate on the nutritional label is net carbs so there’s no need to take away fibre from this value.

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Aha, that’s the bit I was forgetting for why it’s not quite right for keto!

I knew there was something obvious I’d forgotten.

One issue with this scheme is it’s only fitting macros (protein/fat/carbohydrate). Here’s what the micronutrient profile of this as a 100% diet would look like:


Might want to replace some of the coconut with sunflower/safflower oil to bring up Omega-6. Most Westerners get too much of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to get too little. And then you’d need some pretty good multivitamins.

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