Which would you recommend for me... 3.0 or black?

I’m torn between sticking to 3.0, or moving onto huel black… any advice?

About me

  • I use currently use huel 5x a week for my work lunch. Usually 600/700 calories worth.

  • I intermittent fast from 8:30pm to lunchtime the following day (so skip breakfast)

  • I cycle to work each day. 40 minutes each way.

  • my evening meals are usually pretty substantial and carb heavy (rice), with high quality protein.

I have read that sticking to low carb with intermittent fasting can boost its effects, so was thinking it may be a good idea to use black for lunch?

Any thoughts?


Totally up to your personal preference Jacob.

Whether you’re low carb or high carb won’t make a massive difference to your intermittent fasting.

You can check out our article on this here.

Huel Black isn’t low carb - it’s lower carb than White version but still not low carb. If you’re only using it for one meal in your day I would say it doesn’t really matter which one you choose, best to just stick with whatever tastes better for you or whichever one helps you meet your macros better (if you count macros).

Hi @allthecolours - that depends on how one defines ‘low carb’, especially as it’s an unregulated definition. A definition some use is anything less than 40% total energy from carbs. Huel Black net carbs is 17%, so one could argue confidently that it is ‘low carb’. However, when one compares it to the amount of carbs one would have on a ketogenic diet, pro-rata, it wouldn’t be ‘low’ enough.

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I agree with James on this. There is no strict definition of low carb but I haven’t seen a paper yet that suggests 20% carbohydrate is not low carb.

A ketogenic diet is a different ballgame as it also dictates the amount of protein that can be consumed too.