Fast800/low carb Fasting - is Huel black suitable?

Hello, I have previously done the Micheal Mosely fasting programme Fast800 (low carb restricted calorie diet) using Fast800 shakes but I’m now a Huel Black convert (vanilla, banana, salted caramel) and can’t tolerate the high level of fibre in Fast800 shakes and some other ingredients due to having IBS and gastroparesis. I have compared the nutritional information side by side and Huel black despite being low in carbs has about 7g more carb per 100g than Fast800 shakes (per 100g Huel Vanilla - fat 20g, carb 19g, fibre 7.3g, protein 44g. per 100g Fast 800 original vanilla fat 16g, carb 12.4g, fibre 13.9, protein 42.3g) and also has coconut sugar added, Fast800 shakes only use stevia. Does anyone with fasting experience/awareness of blood sugar/insulin regulation diets know if Huel Black is still suitable for low carb fasting regimes? I’m aware that a ketogenic diet is typically no more than 50g of carbs a day so 800 cals of Huel would still only be about 34g so I’m thinking it’s ok!

Hey Sarah, the Fast 800 shakes are not sustainable and meant for consumption beyond 12 weeks. This is quite different to Huel which is simply a nutritionally complete meal that most people have far beyond 12 weeks and don’t have for 100% of their diet. We believe this is much more sustainable and helpful for long-term maintenance of goals you hit.

Huel could be ideal if you suffer with gastroparesis, but please blend it well, and consume it in smaller and more regular servings. For IBS it varies from person to person. Huel Black Edition is still high fibre but at nearly half the amount of Fast800, you may be okay.

Is there a particular reason you want to do low carb beyond it fitting in with the Fast800 regime? We have an article on intermittent fasting which may help you, our suggestion at the bottom of the article is also easier to follow and much less drastic that Fast800.

Hi Dan, I should clarify that I don’t only drink shakes when doing the Fast800 I do also consume real food, I was just speculating that if the whole 800cal was Huel the carb content appeared suitable for Fast800 but wanted confirmation. I’m only doing the 800cals every day for a couple of months and then will go down to 2 fasting days a week. I always have small servings of Huel - so 1 scoop/250ml at a time and blend in a blender. I just wanted to be sure if I chose to use Huel shakes that they would be suitably low carb enough. Apart from following the low carb principles of Fast800 in general I try to avoid too many refined carbs but eating healthily is quite tricky for me and food best consumed in liquid or modified texture form to allow me to try to get some decent level of fat and fibre. Obviously fat and fibre slow down gastric empyting even further and worsen my symptoms. Huel is one of the ways I manage things by replacing 1-2 meals worth of calories a day with it. I fast partly to improve my symptoms and because I’m aware of all the health benefits. Thanks for the fasting info.

Thanks for clarifying Sarah!

I better understand where you’re coming from now. Huel Black Edition is suitable for most low carb regimes and in your case I think Huel will work for what you want it to do.