Low Carb Diet

Hey guys,

After lurking on this forum for a while, I thought I would take the plunge and make a post of my own! I saw a post a few days back in regards to a low-carb version of Huel, and was wondering if there is any more information available about this.

I’ve tried to take the next step in my diet by lowering the amount of carbs I consume, and split my macros into 30% Carbs / 50% Protein / 20% fat, which unfortunately doesn’t fit the 37/30/30/3 ratio of Huel (that’s not going to stop me using it though!).

As a final note, I would just like to say that I am really enjoying this product and haven’t found a single thing to complain about - the shaker is great, it mixes will without the need of a blender, and tastes incredible - especially with the banana flavour boost!


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What’s your reasoning for going low carb out of interest?

You can tweak Huel to what you desire, bit of whey, bit of almond/peanut butter and you’re there.

Hi friend, sorry for the late reply!

Perhaps I was a little bit broad, but I’ve mainly been trying to not eat carbs past 18:00, this was recommended to me by a few of the PT’s down my local gym. And as a result of that, I’ve generally been trying to cut down on carbs as a whole. My body naturally likes to store fat, and finds it hard to burn off (Endomorph).

For those interested, my current diet consists of:
Breakfast - Quaker Oats Protein Porridge w/ Skimmed Milk
Lunch - 3 Scoops (114G) of Huel w/ half a teaspoon of Banana Flavour Boost
Dinner - Chicken Breast, 2x Chicken Sausage, 2x Turkey Bacon, Mixed Salad (Lettuce, carrot, pepper, sweetcorn)

I’ve not thought about adding Whey to Huel. My diet is currently Whey free, as I don’t want to add any unnecessary calories to my current diet plan - I’m not at all a fitness expert though, so perhaps whey could be beneficial in the long run. My current plan, however, is providing me with more than enough protein for my body weight.

Have a great evening!

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Hey @willhutton, welcome! I’m going to give you my experience of macros and hope it helps ( I’m no expert) I spent a long long time in gyms with various PT’s etc, lost a truck load of weight ( closing in on 10 stone now) and here’s what I learnt… I was quite literally scared of carbs, having macros drilled into me for so long, not a healthy place to be at all, my opinion is that macros should only be used by people like body builders/fitness models etc for short periods of time , its such a strict way to live and I believe creates a really unhealthy mindset - it most certainly did in me and I watched others around me in the same environment behaving the same way. BTW I’m not saying what you are doing is right or wrong, just giving my experience. Anyway, I dont track my macros anymore but at a guess I’d say they are the opposite of what they once were, I’m now very carb heavy ( bloody love carbs haha) happy, have lots of energy and still loosing weight/toning up. I’m also Endomorph and the only way I loose weight is by simply being calories deficient. Not sure if any of this helps at all, just wanted to give you my experience :slight_smile: Exercise wise I now do Yoga and cardio :slight_smile:

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Low carb is a very dangerous idea. It’s so dangerous because it seem to work in the short and medium term, due to loss of water and muscle mass. If you go into ketosis (very low carb), you have the added bonus of an alteration of your brain chemistry that will make you feel better while you’re damaging your body. Due to all these side effects, and some more, these diets are also very difficult to comply with over long term.

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There’s a big difference between low carb and a ketogenic diet. I’m ok with low carb diets, but have reservations for the main with ketogenic diets.


This may be of interest: https://uk.huel.com/blogs/news/low-carb-huel-two-hacks

Hi James, thanks for the reply! I agree! I’m still getting carbs throughout the day with my morning porridge and afternoon Huel, It’s just the evening meal where I’ve tried to cut them out! Will check out the link you posted now! Have a great day my friend.

Thanks for the welcome! And sorry it has taken me so long to reply! It’s been a long week haha. It’s really interesting and motivating hearing about other peoples weight loss journeys. Well done so far! Keep up with the cardio and yoga :slight_smile:

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Fully agree with you friend - as I mentioned I’m not a fitness exert, but have been trying to only cut carbs from my evening meal as I tend to eat relatively late in the evening (around 8pm), and am getting a good amount of carbs from breakfast and lunch. I was interested in a low carb Huel for if I moved on to having it for dinner as well as lunch :slight_smile: Have a great rest of your week!

I read a recent study which actually said if you’re going to limit your carbs, it’s actually better to have them in the evening rather than other times of the day.