Cutting and Huel carbs

For the last month or so my gym routine has focused primarily around bulking, upping my huel intake along with the weight i lift has worked wonders!

However, i’m wanting to go into a cutting routine now. When i’ve cut in the past i’ve gone on a 2:1 protein:carb ratio. Obviously the carbs compared to the peotein in huel per serving is considerably off that.

Has anyone worked huel as an effective cutting nutrition? Going stupidly low carb to me doesn’t work, it makes me crave, however i understand the importance of limiting certain carbs whilst trying to achieve definition.

Any experiences? I know the creators are builders…

I’ve thought about this but don’t have any advice.

You could try adding in a vegan protein powder to your diet or to the Huel directly to add more protein and no extra carbs.

Would it be bad to add whey protein as an unflavoured one would keep Huel tasting awesome as opposed to pea/rice protein

If you want to increase protein further in relation to fats and carbs, that would work well.

Sorry James. Was your reply to me? About adding unflavoured whet to Huel? To increase proteins whilst not adding carbs?

Yes, in reply to you. That’s right

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Thanks James! I’ll try that