Best meals to supplement carbohydrate intake for building muscle

Hi All,

I’ve recently started Hueling and so far so good! The macros are great for weight loss with the 30 30 40 split, but when it comes to putting on mass things get a bit more complicated.
The simplest solution is to have more shakes to hit the required calories, but this puts the protein higher than I’d like which could result in long term kidney issues.

What sort of meals are the athletes and bodybuilders on here having to make up this carb difference? (I need to make up about another 150g per day really)
Would love to hear of any simple snack type ideas in keeping with Huels convenience factor.


Hi @AdamB
you’d have to really go some to have a protein intake that could potentially be damaging to kidneys. Even on 4000kcal of Huel per day, you’d still be well in the safe zone.

However, if you do want to ‘carb-hack’ your Huel, how about adding some powdered oats?


Why do you want so many carbs out of interest?

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Good idea, thanks James

Just to put on a bit of mass and energy in the gym. My body seems to respond best to a high carb diet for these


Carbs/protein/fat : 50/20/30?

Interesting, fair enough. All that should really matter is a caloric surplus and a reasonable amount of protein.

I understand the energy point though.

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Maltodextrin perhaps? I hear thats popular amongst lifters.

You could try centering your carbohydrates around your workouts mainly. Before, within and after.

Get some simpler carbs along the workout if you tend to make you long.

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