100% Huel diet for muscle gain

Has anyone had any experiences with gaining muscle and having only huel?

I was thinking of starting this with an extra shake per day to reach 2,500 calories and over 150g of protein, and doing this for every weekday, with weekends off for social opportunities.

If you search “Muscle” you’ll find a good 10 threads asking this :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, yeah I have just been reading through quite a few.

The one question I do have is many macro calculators say I need at least 300g+ of carbs to gain, but having 2,500 kcal worth of huel is only going to be just over 200g of carbs.

(Age 19 / 6foot1 / 78kg)

Would this still be fine, or should I be eating on top of this to get extra carbs elsewhere?

You could add extra carbs from elsewhere or go for calorie surpluss only.

Easiest ways to add carbs are extra oats, or fruits.

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Yep, I wouldn’t worry too much about carbs, but bodies vary. It’s never had much effect on me.

Also, ensure your training is top notch too. No laziness, push every session for one extra rep, 1kg more etc etc.

Think of it as a triangle:

  • Progressive overload
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
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