Anyone gained muscle on Huel with the extra protein?

I know there is this thread with one member’s progress, but just wondering what effect the extra protein has had on Huelers?

I’m making the assumption most people weren’t having 100+ g of protein a day before Huel.

Were you weight training as well? Did you get stronger or more muscular with the extra protein?


Hi mate,

That’s my thread you linked to — will update it in 4 weeks so as not to overpopulate the forum with my specific body measurements!

If you’re interested, I can give you some details. I’ve gained 0.2kg of muscle and between 0.2-0.6kg of fat every week since I last posted there. So very happy overall. Still finding the sweet spot in terms of actual calorie intake. I think the 30:40:30 macro breakdown itself is perfect.

With some reading around the forum and elsewhere, I now think anything above about 0.8g/pound, which for me is 150g of protein (I’m 85.0kg), is probably unnecessary and will not go to building any extra muscle. But I’m still getting 200+ grams of protein because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to make the extra meals — I’d rather have Huel! I get just one real food meal a day. So I’m probably getting more protein than is strictly necessary, but unlike some others who have been concerned, I really don’t care and do not believe there is the slightest health risk. I look at Huel as a much healthier way to get protein than, for example, whey protein shakes. My skin never got on well with all that dairy.

As for strength, recently I have been plateauing a little on benches, for example. Other big lifts are going up fine. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting some creatine. I had it when I first got interested in weight training at 18, but I didn’t notice any strength/mass increase then because I had it from the start. I’m 28 now, I’ve had 8 weeks training, and know what my body’s generally capable of.

Are you weight training? Are you thinking of just using Huel, or other supplements besides?

Apologies for the hijack - Sputnik, can I ask how you’re measuring your muscle and fat gains - are you using an app combined with a device or something else? Keen to measure the differences myself and welcome your advice. Many thanks.

I’m using a Salter Glass Analyser Scale bought off Amazon for about £15. I’d get you the link but I’m on my phone! It’ll be one of the top reviewed ones if you search body fat scale.

I know some have reservations about the accuracy of body fat scales that use tiny electrical impulses, but frankly I’m not a pro bodybuilder. If I can minimise the inaccuracy by measuring at the same time every week after a morning wee, and in the same place, then it’s probably giving a consistent enough result for tracking purposes!

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