Calling all lifters

Hi all,

Just wondering if there were any other lifters on here!

I like Huel because it’s makes the whole business of meal planning and counting calories and macros 7 million times easier. I supplement with whey protein shakes and eat normal food on the weekend when I have time.

Hey there, You can count me.

I Consume about around 50% or so of my Calories from Huel. I’ve actually made decent gains over time while eating the stuff, so I’m quite happy with Huel all in all, for fitness purposes or otherwise.

For reference I eat 3500 calories a day too. :slight_smile:

I know there are a few on here who also do similar stuff. @GTIPuG

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Yup that’ll be me!

Fatty turned fitty, can’t stay away from the gym now and fallen in love with lifting.

I consume Huel for around 50% of my calories, same as @Stole_My_Sweetroll funnily enough. Used to be higher, but discovered Musclefood and slow cooked chicken…

I started Huel around the same time as I started lifting properly (around a year and a half ago). When I started, my big four (squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench) were at 60, 60, 30 and 50. I was very weak after losing all of my weight, but with help from Huel I’m now at 140, 160, 65 and 100. It’s not insanely strong and I’m not insanely big (natty :slight_smile: ), but it goes to show you the right nutrition (Huel!), the right training (for me, PPL for my first year or so and NSuns since last summer) really works!
Hang around here… There’s a little bit of a lack of lifting enthusiasts!

I’ve been known to lift. Struggling with injuries the last few months but on my way back.

My Shakes are 50% huel, 50% protein powder, a little huel flavour powder, blend, drink, gains.
Perfect pre or post workout :sunglasses:

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Why such a protein heavy macro balance out of interest?

It’s not protein heavy if you lift. I’m not 100% Huel too. If you’re having a quick pick me up, one scoop of each is a good way to get enough protein to get enough Leucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Not enough protein, no trigger point. Anyhow, protein keeps you fuller for longer :slight_smile: no

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Ahhh okay, gotcha. Had it in my mind you were putting down like 3 scoops of Huel with 3 scoops of whey in one shake haha. That’d be like 50% protein, 26% carb and 24% fat which is a crap ratio. Never thought of just chugging one scoop of each as a quick fix after a workout!

No way, although I do like a high protein ratio!

Credit to @JamesCollier for the suggestion. I read it here and it was so simple I overlooked it and it changed my Huel experience! :slight_smile:

I can feel an article and Huel Nutrition Video on leucine coming on …


I read up a bit further on it and it seems like the whey itself is a sufficient source of leucine:

“This has to do not only with the fact that whey protein is a complete source of protein containing all the essential amino acids naturally found in dairy— but in particular, it is one of the best source of the branched-chain amino acid leucine, which is associated with the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis.”

I think @JamesCollier 's suggestion of a Leucine video would go down a treat!

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You need a trigger point of enough protein for muscle protein synthesis. It’s around 27g for 3g of leucine.
We can get into those bodybuilding conversations of how much protein per lbs of bodyweight but this place isn’t about that fun as it is.

Yes! Bring on more videos! :tv::muscle:

It’s the perfect thread for it!

1g of protein per 1lb of weight. Done.

Come at me :wink:

Yeah, agreed. I normally hit 200g just because of my dietary choices, but it’s diminishing returns beyond 1g/lb.

I was originally being completely facetious, since whenever someone brings up what amount is best people get all defensive over what there currently doing, which is fine and all, since we’re all different anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ve always considered “optimal” is going to be somewhere between 0.8-1.3. It’s sad there are not enough studies on trained individuals really…

However there is this. MORE vs LESS PROTEIN For Fat Loss - YouTube

The TL;DW is 2.4g/kg of bw, for cutting. So just above the 1g per lb rule most adhere too.

Worth a watch though.

To be fair my Protein intake is extremely high though, but the thing is it works for me, I’ve gained a decent amount of lean mass, fairly minimal fat gain and still enjoy what I’m eating. I think my macros workout around 35/35/30 or something wired like that. But it’s works!

I do wanna do a mini cut in the near future though. That’ll be interesting attempting with Huel, should be easy enough. I’ve “lean bulked” for about 18+ months or so (did loads of other stuff prior though/long story), 155lbs to about 180lb, doesn’t sound much but I’ve got the whole narrow joints and bones/ecto thing going on, damn genetics… At tops I’ve gained about half and inch around my waist, not accounting for abs, obliques and glutes adding mass.

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