Powerlifting with Huel

Has anyone ever worked a bodybuilding /powerlifting routine with Huel. I started about three weeks ago and typically consume 3 full shakes throughout the day asking with one regular meal (high protein, ~700-800 calories). In currently training for a meet in a few months and running a 300-500 calorie deficit while maintaining ~180-200g/day protein diet. So far I’ve dropped a couple lbs wine increasing my lifts, but i was curious as to how others had fared on something similar. Any adjustments?

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Not on any program, and not a dedicated fitness anything really, but energy wise I’ve been very satisfied with Huel and subsequently other brands of lents. The near guaranteed regularity of caloric intake has pretty much removed all low-energy gym sessions. In the near two years I’ve been on soylents I’ve yet to be fatigued by surprise.

When I was on food this was not the case. Lack of sleep, lack of food and the long hours took their toll and I’d see regular visits to the gym completely ruined by fatigue. The powder is always available however.

You’ll do fine on Huel.

HI @Blago

There are a number of bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongmen who have incorporated Huel into a diet plan. The amount and when you include will depend on your szie, goal, diet structure, etc - but 3 Huels per day and a regular meal sounds good for fat loss whilst increasing strength

I’m heavily into fitness and Lifting, Huel has been a huge help for maintaining consistency while keeping sane too, it stops that daunting feeling of constantly prepping and planning by taking the pressure of for a few meals.

I’m probably around 50%(ish) huel calorie wise. I also keep above 250g+ of protein per day.

Works for me. :slight_smile:

Do you not think 250g+ of protein is too much?

Probably, but that’s on workout days, on non workout days this drops by 10% or so :slight_smile

I weigh 178lbs, so if I followed the lose rule of between 1-1.5 g of protein per lb then it’s not actually that bad if you do the maths.

Everyone to there own I guess, do you lift out of interest?

Depends on your body weight really. Most people recommend about 1g/lb or 2
g/kg in order to increase mass. I weigh 190 lb and take in 200 g… Good be
surprised how easy it can be so get that in 4 meals a day

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I started lifting about 2 months ago. I have 3 x three scoop meals a day and after losing enough weight I want to start adding mass. I’ve had pretty good results so far but the initial boom has slowed down.

I wonder if I should now start having 4 x three scoop meals? I lift every 2 to 3 days and I do cardio and martial arts on my other days so I do need a lot of calories. My biggest worry is if I don’t eat enough, I’ll begin to lose muscle.

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Scoop some chocolate whey into your Huel shake. You’ll get your protein intake without having to bump up your calories (unless that’s what you want!).
I think huel should be allowing people to create their own mix ins which would really help people dial down their diets, espeically gym goers :slight_smile: Not everyone is the same.

I do this mix a lot… Especially after an intense gym session. I’ll do 2
scoops huel with 1 whey- comes out to about 50g protein and cuts the
calories 80/shake

Yeah, although only for 1-1.5 years. I follow Bayesian Bodybuilding, who in turn follows a lot of scientific journals regarding what training, nutrition etc. works best. He advises clients that the most you need is 0.82g/lb of protein based on research, (which has saved me money as I had fallen into all the marketing bull put out by protein powder companies!). So at 189lbs the most I need is 155g of protein which is easily achievable. I then go with 30-40% of my target calories as fat, then the rest carbs :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome, yeah I’ve heard of Bayesian Bodybuilding, seen a couple of interviews with the guy, knows his stuff though from what I can tell.

What’s the program like? Any good? I’m currently tweaking mine somewhat, I do an upper lower split 4 days per week, but my typical tendency over the years is to ramp up the volume (normally without realising), then one day I finish a workout and I’m like "shit that was 2-3 hours long…!) so my new tactic is to try supersetting my sets so pair bench press immediately with rows for example and keep it under 30 sets total. Working so far, yesterday has to be the best pump I’ve had in my life!

All powered by huel! :smiley:

Oh and I do semi agree with the protein, I personally find a higher amount better for me, but certainly what you suggest would also do as a very safe minimum for someone who’s actively pursuing fitness, and probably what I suggested as the very maximum, the difference in results I doubt is actually that significant between the two, if at all.