Idea: Create your own Huel with added protein, sports nutrition, bodybuilding

I’d be all over this.

Create your own Huel!

You have a base of Huel. Dropdowns to mix in
Protein (Isolate, pea, hemp, etc)
Husk powder
Creatine (Creapure, Mono, Hydrochloride)
other premium ingredients
Flavouring system (chocolate, bananas, etc)

It’s what I do anyway - one part Huel, one part protein shake. I’d be all over a create your own system and willing to pay for this service.


Or you could start from scratch

I’ve been very tempted to give this one a try, if only to see whether I could keep it down.

The trouble is, although the daily cost can be quite low, all the recipies have a fairly large initial outlay for ingredients that might blend into something deeply unpleasant and not necessarily healthy (the iron levels always seem to be through the roof).

I think you missed my point. I want to buy my super custom huel powder already done and mixed in one bag :slight_smile:

@JamesCollier I know you’d love this, come on, let’s do it. Imagine your sunday morning, scoop, scoop shake, gym, done! :wink:

Gym on a Sunday morning? No chance! :wink: