Is Huel suitable for people who use the gym

If you’re looking at building muscle, getting fitter etc, is Huel suitable? Do you have to prepare it differently or use different amounts?

Huel includes a good balance of carbs, fat and protein so it should be good for building muscle if you train correctly and consume slightly more calories than your normal level.

Thanks Julian, that sounds really good. I suppose it’s just a case of getting the levels right, trial and error.

Is there any more information on this? Such as how to mix a protein shake in with Huel? or If you should have more Huel meals a day? I plan to switch to Huel in the next month and Join a gym to body build. Thanks in advance

Hi @ayoungh Huel has 150g of protein per 2000 calories, so there is no need to additional protein there is plenty there.

Feed more about the Huel formula here:


I’ve been mixing Huel powder and MyProtein rocky road whey, and it tastes absolutely incredible.


I have received my Huel this morning!
lets see if having somebody doing my nutrition for me can get me back on form!

I am 35 years old 5-11 95 kg and have been going to the gym since Jan this year to get rid of some unwanted pounds.
I had a blip as far as my weight is concerned at 33 and got fat and depressed
I sucked it up and needed to do something about it this year and I have but I want the body I had at 24.

Before all this I was a personal trainer for 10 years at one point was one of those annoying people with 6% body fat weighing 80 kg :stuck_out_tongue:
Fortunately this was before Youtube and Facebook were catching on so at least I did not parade around to much!
Ultimately I screwed up and got a bit tubby when I needed a break from that world!
But I found it a real surprise to realize how much it has effected my confidence my mood and my enthusiasm for life.
I have dropped from 17 stone (107kg) to 15 stone (95kg)
with 5 days a week of training.
In a week its usually 10 km runs x 3 and weight training with 30 mins cardio x 3.
Fat loss progress has slowed and I know why.
I am on a diet of cheap value pasta, hardly any protein, pasta sauces, bananas and basically anything cheap I can get.
I chose Huel because currently I am in a bit of a jam.

My kitchen has no oven or washing machine,just a electric hob.
Cooking is messy smelly and blocks the sink EVERY TIME when I wash up I have to pour dirty pans down the toilet its rotton !!
I live in a tiny Bedsit but I am grateful for the welfare system (could be worse)

So I am actually very broke and on Job-seekers allowance !
Not the typical super food customer.
This was a very big gamble for me to buy in a 2 week supply.
It has cost me all the money I have.
I mean literally I will probably get my internet suspended temporarily as a result.
But my reason for doing this is simple.
I spend most of my time feeling hungry and tired and unfocused until I eventually get one (healthyish) meal cooked then I am stuffed.
After that I smash the Gym or run on the local health, then its time to wash gym kit by hand in the bathroom sink and hang it up.
Then I wake up in a haze deal with the mess in the kitchen, go out to the shops to look for out of date and reduced items and repeat.
Somewhere in this messy pattern I am supposed to be getting a job and moving out of this dive!

What I want from Huel: Metal clarity,Measured calories with unmatched nutritional value , Protein! , a Clean kitchen and flat, Energy to not only look for a job but get one & be able to make it through the day! Get a few pay checks and move to a suitable new house to continue my life as It should be going!

And then the part I will find easy: lose a lot of fat and make huge leaps in the gym.
I always struggled with the stuff above more but with out organisation and infrastructure it all falls down.!

If somebody wants to know how it goes I will reply , took a record of photos of how I have changed over the months so I shall continue that while on the Huel mission.
lastly : I intend to eat a bowel of bran a day or a banana or two as I feel its important for intestines to exercise as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good luck to you, I’d be keen to hear how you get on


Thanks was getting used to the forum I posted as a new topic now, sorry to spam

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Best of luck to you. I’m sure you will be able to pull yourself out of this slump. At least with better nutrition you will have more energy and focus.


I feel bloody amazing already only had second shaker with 4.5 scoops off to gym in 30 mins for 10 k run and lots of circuit weights.
Are you sure this stuff is legal haha


@StuartLee although Huel hasn’t been designed perfectly for muscle building, it’s macros are suited for a recreational trainer. Consume Huel a few times per day with one serving post workout and, provided that you’re genuinely training hard, you will get results.

@David1980 yes, please do keep us posted!

Yes, I would like to know how you are getting on as I am thinking about buying some.

I think he has buggered off.


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