Huel and Gym

Hello everyone again,
I’ve started two months ago to eat healthier and also started to go gym. I’ve lost 4/5 kg in 2/3 months. Since I’ve started to go gym I bought some Whey Protein as I thought it would have been good for gym and try to eat just a little after workout,cause I usually go gym after work (and often I wouldn’t even have time to cook after gym).
I then discovered HUEL,tried a Sample and about to order my first bags (mainly to have it once a day or even less).
I was now wondering:
-How could be HUEL used?(pre or after work out)
-Would it be a good idea to have 100gr meal after gym or maybe less than 100 gr before gym and have a good intake of protein,so remove those Whey Protein shake from my diet?
-How about having HUEL as a snack(at any time just to avoid junk snacks and stuff ),so less than 100gr (or more). Is it a good option,or is it meant to be taken as a “full meal”?

Thank you in advance

Couple of points I’d make:

Protein isn’t some miracle muscle magic. It’s a macronutrient. As long as you’re getting 150g or so per day, your body will be able to recover from the stress you impose during resistance training. Start seeing whey protein as a method of hitting this target only after you’ve failed to hit it with real food (Huel included).

I’d also ignore the Bro Scientists who suggest protein immediately after a workout gets you bigger quickly. Sure, replenish the nutrients and calories lost during exercise, but there’s no need to worry about “timing” your nutrition intake.

Lastly, head over to, it’s one of the best (and most honest) fitness resources around. It deals in facts, no Bro Science.

For the most part, your recipe for gym development is lift hard, eat hard, sleep well.

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