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I’m just wondering if there are any other people that are using huel as their main source of nutrition whilst being athletic and training most days. I’m a uni student so the speed of making huel is very practical for me. I gym 5 times a week and want to continue increasing my muscle mass. Looking at getting the huel sweet and savoury and potentially just shifting my entire diet to a specialist strict fitness orientated. I use a separate protein powder after gym. Anyone have similar experience? Do you find the huel diet beneficial to your fitness? High enough protein intake? Able to lean on it?

Quite a few people actually. It’s important to remember that Huel is just balanced nutrition, so calorie for calorie you will have the same success with it as with other foods - though it’s obviously a load easier to make sure your covering all bases with Huel because a shake is 20% of full nutrition.

Macro’s are probably better for you on Huel black though if you’re hitting the gym regularly.


Hey Joe, welcome to Huel!

I agree with Tristan, if you’re looking to swap out your protein powder for Huel go for Black Edition. You’re going to at least match your protein intake while also getting a boatload of other nutrients.

Your approach is going to differ slightly if you’re looking to get lean as well as increasing muscle mass. Getting lean will require some phases of calorie deficit to achieve fat loss.

You can check out more in our Build Muscle article section.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

I train 5-6 times a week (mix of strength and conditioning work), and rely on Huel for about 70% of my calories. I use Huel White UU for training days and Huel Black UU for rest days.* I find Huel perfect to get a good micro/macro intake without really thinking too much.

*Training days I try and hit 2,500 calories and 165g of protein, and rest days I hit the same protein but in 1,800 kcal - which is why Black works better for me on rest days.

Anecdotally I find that my work capacity and recovery are really good, and I have been making nice steady progress on benchmark lifts.

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