Training on Huel - 1 week in

I’m an amateur cycle racer, and currently average 10+ hours of exercise/training a week.

I was looking into protein supplements to balance out my protein intake across the day when a friend jokingly suggested Huel.

I was drawn by the simplicity, high protein content, high fibre content and the fact that it covers 100% of your dietary requirements.

I’m currently aiming to cut my weight down to 70kg over the next few months from about 78kg at the moment. I’ve been using Huel for a week now, as roughly 2/3rds of my diet which equates to about 3 shakes a day. So far Huel has helped me track my calorie intake more accurately, reduce my calorie intake and maintain a high protein intake.

I’m averaging 2,500 calories a day which is a 1000 ~ 1500 deficit, so I’m still finding myself craving sugary snacks during the day and evening, but I’m just about holding off on most days.

I’m tending to have toast and yoghurt for breakfast with some fruit. I find I need to take a shake around 11:30 on work days, otherwise it’s too easy to give in and go out for lunch. I also have one before I leave work and another after my evening training. I will also have a few snacks during the day (depending on what’s in the office) to make up the calories. Some days I’ll have a shake for breakfast and then a regular evening meal. It seems to be working well so far :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to see if I notice any changes in training, a lack of energy is slowing me down a bit, but this part of the year is generally low intensity and high volume so it’s not an issue at the moment.

I plan to post an update in a few weeks with progress.

Welcome - please keep us posted!

I would like 2 no will this huel b good as a post workout shake/drink as I beleave real food is better then shakes out the gym

Huel can be used as a PWO shake as it contains protein and carbs - indeed, I’m using it this way myself at the moment :slightly_smiling: