Experiences thus far (Perspective of a strength trainer supplementing with Huel)

Hello gents,

Just sharing my experiences thus far. I know James and Julian have reiterated many times that the target demographic isn’t bodybuilders or those undertaking rigorous training but the blend is simply too good to not use it for the purposes of supplementation.

I am consuming 4 shakes of Huel per day, on-top of a pre-existing daily caloric surplus, I am 30 years-old with around 13 years of training experience, looking forward to the new year with some lifting meets in mind. The reasons behind my supplementation with Huel is that I simply do not have the time to prep these days, Huel is an ideal solution as my relationship with food is basically as a fuel source and the objective is to get it down me as fast as possible.

I have spent 3 days thus far on Huel and I’m already feeling “full”, my first weekday session went without incident, heavy “push” and tomorrow will be predominantly “pull” with back/biceps. The shake itself can mix a little bit thick but aside from that it tastes pleasant enough and goes down well.

I will be keeping this updated with general feelings, any increases in strength/mood and general feedback for the team, I also hope that my experience and objectives mirror those of some of the other users who are still on the fence.

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@Martin_Crutchley thank you for sharing your experience so far.

Yes, 150g of protein for 2000 cals is certainly enough for everyone but the top bodybuilders. Protein is great for making us feel satiated, whilst if you are training hard it’s great to helping the muscles to rebuild.

If Huel is feeling a bit thick for your liking just add a little extra water. I find that about half way down my drink gets thicker, I assume the oats have settled a bit, so usually I add a bit more water and re-shake.


Hey, Martin.

Great to hear you’ve given Huel a try and pleased to hear it’s having a positive effect on training. I’m using it too for a pre pre workout meal and I’ve been having some great sessions!

Great feedback.

Are you using any other bodybuilding supps too?

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5 days on - It’s pull day today so heavy compound work starting with deadlifts. Felt really strong and definitely reaping the benefits of training fasted but on an additional calorific surplus. Experience has taught me to pay attention to every single rep and today was definitely easier hitting triples. Huel is a big bump up in terms of nutrients as well and I would like to say that I feel “better” though short-term I’ll put it down to placebo.

To answer @JamesCollier, supplementation includes pre-workout(Stim Based)/intra (Sizeon), ZMA’s, Flax and multi-vits. No AAS, No enhancement.


Cool; keep us posted, Martin.


Could you give more details on your nutrition ? How many scoops of Huel per shake ? How many real meals besides Huel ?
4 months later, did you stick with Huel ?

Thanks :smile:

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