Training on Huel

Hi. I’m looking for a dietary option that is vegan friendly and gluten free. I’ll be honest, I’ve no patience for making meals and buying tonnes of ingredients. I already do that for my family and that’s enough.
I’m getting back in shape and currently horse ride, fell run and sea swim. This year I want to do more and might add some weight training. Anyone out there do I lot of training on Huel? Do you find it fuels you well?
I’d plan to use Huel for breakfast and lunch, protein powder before and after workouts and then make my own dinner.
I’d really appreciate thoughts and opinions as the thing that most restricts my progress is my diet.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I lift weights 5x a week. It’s good enough although if I were to go full bodybuilder I’d need more calories. But for someone who just wants to push away that middle age belly, it’s fine.

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That doesn’t mean you couldn’t keep using Huel, just you’d need to eat more of it.

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My experiments with Huel also happened to coincide with me deciding to give weightlifting and bodybuilding in particular a real go, just for the change and the challenge.

I’ve never had results like it in my life.

It really is superior man, there’s just nothing else out that’s as nutritionally rammed, calorie for calorie. I have 4 or 5 a day as well as a small amount of healthy snacks or food throughout the day(to get my 3000 calories in) and Huel has been an absolute game changer. More energy, better sleep, better health, better training, better thinking.


Thanks for the feedback guys. My sample packet arrived this morning so I’ll try it for lunch and hopefully go from there. :smile:

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Then you’d need to think about the micros.

I’d like to echo that.

The key to getting good result from any kind of training is nailing down your nutrition. Time training/at the gym etc is obviously a huge piece, but you can run 50 miles a week and still look distinctly average if you’re eating pizza every couple of days (speaking from experience).

Since starting on Huel around 18 months ago and committing to four gym sessions a week (along with cardio) I’ve seen a radical change in my body shape. I’ve been to the gym lots in the past and done a lot of running, but it was when I started using huel for two out of three meals a day that I really started to see significant change.


Micros or macros?

Micros. Macros make you fat, micros can lead to serious problems.

I always find Huel leaves me feeling a bit too bloated and watery to workout on afterwards. (152g Huel - 850ml water).

All those small Nissan cars can be problematic.

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Are you gaining or losing weight, or staying about the same?

I was a little underweight when I started, aimed to gain mass along with muscle, putting on two stone got me to where I felt and looked like what I was after.

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And the vitamin D poisoning.