My journey overcoming mental health and getting ripped

So I got into Huel last year. I was burnt out physically and emotionally, basically a mental breakdown. I was an absolute wreck and could not look after myself. I stayed with my parents to help get over the worst of it. Wheh moving back to London and trying to work again I found it a struggle. Working 3 days a week was exhausting and the last thing I wanted to do was cook. Going shopping was to much let alone planning and cooking. My weight increased as I was eating takeaways. But then I found Huel!
It made my life so much easier and made me happy that I was able to get my calories easily and all from plants. I turnt vegan 5 years ago. A year of which as a fruitarian. So my stomach was used to this type of food. Didn’t get any bad belly or wind.
I began to work 4 days a week and then 5 days. Began to exercise regularly and when I was confident enough go out and have fun on the weekend.
A year later and I am in great shape. Recently done 30 days only while weight training. Tracking my calories in and out using a fit bit. Managed to absolutely ripped.
Lots of people think Huel is for weight loss. But it’s food so depending on how much you eat depends on if you gain or lose weight. I was working as an electrician on a building site and then training after work. Needed 4500 calories maybe more some days. Still using Huel every day for the majority of my calories. It’s quick easy tastes great and made from plants. Awesome.
That’s my story.
Now also a personal trainer if you need any tips give me a shout.
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Well done :+1:

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Hey Luke,

That is awesome!! Thank you for sharing! Can I share the video on my Facebook?

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It’s in the public domain so I don’t see why not. :slight_smile:


Yes go for it. Thanks so much for the support. Your awesome.

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Dayuuuum good job! Stories like these really show that Huel can be for ANYONE. It’s not just one of those fad weight loss shakes, it’s pure nutrition; real food :smiley:
Here’s to hoping my Huelstory will be as much a success as yours is! :slight_smile:

P.S. (How on earth do you consume 1.25kg of Huel in one day?! Consuming 400g in a day would be a stretch for me, it’s so filling! What does your Huel consumption schedule look like haha I’m curious)

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I echo Chris’s surprise.

Can we get some before/after weights, height, step count from Fitbit perhaps?

I work with a 23 stone strongman and his TDEE is around 5K, but you look microscopic compared to him so I’m struggling to see how 4500 cals isn’t causing major fat gain!

Also training program used!

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I end up consuming around 3500 calories, I’m around the same (ish) size. We’re all different :slight_smile:

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I am 6ft5 107kg
As discussed in the video I linked my daily calories varied depending on my daily activity.
I wake up at 5.30 for morning mobility routines. Work in construction from 8am till 5pm. I was following a 2 month hypertrophy program. On heavy leg days I needed to consume a lot more calories as oppesed to a rest day. Calorie calculator is a good place to start but the Fitbit is much more accurate. This is why I didn’t get fat. In vs out was monitored and maintained. Energy was constant to allow me to wake up early, work hard all day and then smash the gym. Rest days calories were around 3500.
My workout program.


That’s the good stuff!!

Really interesting. Thanks!

Thank you for asking. I am learning as I go and don’t claim to know all the answers. Always open to learning new things and developing myself, diet and training. Any tips please get at me.
Just started a 3 month olmpic Rings program for building mass and strength. Busy at work so not always able to make it to the gym. The rings are great for just throwing over a tree branch or scaffold pole and getting a workout going. Adjusting positions to keep the intensity enough to be in hypertrophy range.
What sort of training are oh currently doing?
Cheers mate :+1:

Just looked through this but a bit confused, you’re adding 2.5 to your lifts every session, including accessories? Am I reading it right that you’re doing pull ups with 100kg and Bicep curls at 52.5kg? Are you Flex Lewis? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah that was just a calculated formulae on excel. Was doing pull-ups bodyweight. Good spot. Will adjust. Thanks mate

Have you always had a low bodyfat %? If not what did you start at and how long did it take to get to the bodyfat level you are now?