Huel Diary—Weight Loss

Hello everyone!

I was hoping for a place to share my experiences with Huel and get suggestions and feedback as well as I go forward. I just got my first shipment of Huel on Friday, I tried one round of vanilla in snack portion (200 cal) Friday, and so far one breakfast portion (400 cal) of chocolate today, Saturday.

A little bit about me, I live in Hawaii, USA :desert_island:, and I am a 34 year old female. I work for a large retail corp and my job is fairly active in that I am on my feet walking around, occasionally moving and lifting things, doing a few flight of stairs over the course of the day, etc. I do not do any other exercise outside of work, but I intend to start as I want to build strength and stamina in preparation for a trek to hike the Inca Trail in September!

Anyway, the founder’s idea around the addictive, over abundant nature of food today really resonated with me and was a big factor in my decision to pursue my goals with Huel, as well as it aligning with my personal choice to eat a vegan diet.

I have previously had success with 3hr interval eating and intend to follow that diet but swapping meals for Huel and supplementing with fresh fruits and veg as my snacks.

Breakfast-500 cals
Snack-100 cals
Lunch-500 cals
Snack-100 cals
Dinner-250 cals
Discretionary-200 cals

Total-1650 cals

I’ve made my large meals 500 cals to allow for either larger portions, or more likely, for Huel add ins like berries, half frozen banana, coffee etc, or additional 100 cals for “sides” if I feel like “eating” something.

I have a Ninja blender and have already been experimenting with the texture of blended versus shaken, but haven’t had a chance to work any add ins yet. I did find I liked it best with a LOT of extra ice blended and next time I think I would reduce water and offset with the additional ice so that it will be thicker.

I got Original Vanilla and Chocolate for my initial order and also the taster pack of flavor boosts, but I’m already interested in trying additional base flavors.

Last but not least, stats and goals:

Height- 5’4”
SW & CW- 158.5lbs
Current BMI- 27.1 (overweight)
GW- 128lbs
Goal BMI- 22.0. (normal)


You probably want to start here, to calculate the number of calories you need for weight maintenance:

To lose a pound a week, you need to eat 500 calories a day less than that figure. I found this perfectly possible with Huel, and I lost about 20 pounds over a period of 5 or 6 months. It’s worth weighing yourself every day, just so you can see the trend over time, and adjust your calorie intake if necessary.

Good luck with your weight loss!

Hello! Thank you, I did use the TDEE calculator thanks to another post! It recommends 2173 calories/day for maintenance, so I thought 1650 being a round number worked best for me.

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Good morning all!

Yesterday I decided to try two meals and one snack Huel with a “real” dinner. I am happy to report I haven’t had any stomach, digestive, or bathroom issues :see_no_evil:!

Yesterday I blended Chocolate for breakfast, then shaken iced coffee with a half scoop Vanilla for morning snack, then shaken 50/50 Chocolate/Vanilla at the beach for lunch! This morning I am drinking Chocolate blended in a Ninja with 1c strawberries and 1c spinach. I know I technically don’t have to have these “extras” but I like to get the fresh photochemical and it made for a nice texture and more natural flavor after blending twice.

Not trying to count on any weight loss too soon as I know I’ll be adjusting to the new intake, so for the mean time will keep experimenting and try for a first weigh in after a week.

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Good night all :grin: it’s 10.10PM here in the UK and 11.10 AM in Hawaii. Welcome @myleanbaby did you know there is a Huel US forum. Not that i am trying to get rid of you :grinning:

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All the best to you!! I started at a similar overweight BMI (26.4) and am now a healthy 20.5 with Huel for the past year or so; am very excited for your journey!! :smiley: