Huel before/post workout?

Hey Huelers!
While I’m waiting for my first order to come, I am curious to know something more about your experience and feedbacks about Huel.

Does anybody of you use Huel as a pre-post workout?
I have a four days week workout schedule where I train the strength in one cycle and hypertrophy in the next cycle and so go on.
I always have my workout in the morning after breakfast (porridge with whey/or egg whites and a banana, around 500 calories) and I was thinking to use it for replacing breakfast.
Suggestions in general?

Thanks a lot!


I do use Huel post-workout, as far as I see it, Huel contains no less protein than your normal protein powder, but also with the added benefit of containing everything your body needs, and for that reason I think it’s superior to whey/pea or other proteins really.

What you could very well do is take some BCAA prior to workout and then use Huel post-workout as a combined breakfast/protein drink.

In case anyone uses BCAA’s with IF…

Are BCAA’s limiting growth?

Was resisting to temptation to go into this.

Honestly, I think BCAAs are the most fantastic marketing ploy of the 21st century. Why eat an incomplete source of aminos when you could maybe have some whey, some chicken, eggs, Huel? Beats me…


Well I primarily recomended it as I think it’s better to take som BCAA (or EAA) rather than training fasted from night prior

Thank you guys for all of your comments. :slight_smile:

I have never do fasting; actually, I’m in a 2500 calories plan (50% carb, 25% fats and 25% protein). In a normal day, I usually eat 4 balanced meals and I decided to try Huel on my training days where I prefer to eat 5 or 6 times with less food. And it will be so convenient, too!

I was just searching a good way to use it that suits well with my workout and my schedule day at work.

Wich supplements in your opinion make really a difference together with Huel?
I actually use creatine, BCAA (pre and post), glutamine and beta-alanine.

Thank you so much.

I would stick to using it post workout as I suspect your preworkout Whey will be digested much faster, which some people deem an advantage.