Advice to get started

Hi :slight_smile: i am just starting out. Have sat back and watched/done quite alot of research through friends so ordered.
I am looking at using huel along side a balanced diet when i say balanced i try and eat well but i know i lack things i should have for sure, i just want feel and know healthy. Also possibly use post work out? I train 5xs a week.

So my questions are after a work out how many scoops? Along side a balanced diet how would you use it as i dont want to gain weight really mayee drop a few lbs?

Thank you.


Perhaps use TDEE calculator to help you work out how many calories you need to accommodate your exercise?

I don’t work out intensely, half an hour at a time usually of varying exercise and intensity (walking, swimming, trampolining) but for me I find it works better if I have a scoop half an hour before I work out rather than after. Could just be me though! Good luck!

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Thank you :slight_smile: i will have a look at the calculator. Xx

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Depends on your workout.
Personally I find it excellent post-workout if I’ve done something intensive that requires immediate replenishment with carbs and proteins and fluids to aid recovery.
If im doing gentle exercise (walking or cycling) I can drink it before. If I’m doing weights or running or martial arts or HIIT I definitely need to NOT have huel for at least 3-4 hrs prior as it repeats on me and it’s really uncomfortable.

As for how / when to consume it - whatever works for you. Which meal do you tend to skip or tend to snack on something less healthy?
Personally I have huel for breakfast every day as it’s faster and easier and more nutritious than porridge and definitely better than skipping breakfast then needing to snack on chocolate mid morning.
Lots of people have it for lunch at work.
Just do whatever suits your routine and lifestyle

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Thank you for a great response. I weight train 3 times a week (1.5 hour sessions) and then 2 hours of cardio on other days so i guess i do have a pretty intense fitness plan :thinking:.

The meal that i am worst at is 100% breakfast getting out the door in the mornings with a 6year old, 5 year old and a 12 week old is pretty intense ha!

I shall go with a huel breakfast and then have a play around with pre/ post work out and see what works for me. X

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