Hi I am using Huel for lunch and have one scoop in my shake after the gym in the morning but I am wondering if it is better to have breakfast or not? I am trying to loose weight/fat and exercise 3 times a week. I do not eat breakfast and don’t snack but thought having Huel for breakfast may improve my energy but will it take longer to loose weight? hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

It’ll take longer to lose weight as you’re having extra calories compared to not having this extra scoop.

However, if you’re training with reasonable intensity I’d definitely say a post training Huel/shake is wise. People often chug down whey protein after training, but this is often missing out the carbs. With a Huel after training, you’re hitting them much needed carb and protein macros.

Are you counting calories in your effort to lose weight?

Hi thanks for your reply I am counting calories my problem is that I feel tired and hungry by lunchtime that is why I was thinking of including breakfast.

Cool, if you can fit it into your allowance I’d certainly say it’s a wise idea.

People give it the biggun around “Intermittent fasting” etc but I can’t function without breakfast and even more so, breakfast after a heavy training session.

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I have a medium amount of bodyfat (21%) so aim to have my daily intake of carbs peri-workout (e.g. around my workout). I workout around 6-7pm though rather that in the morning like you, so I generally have my first food of the day at noon or thereabouts and try to keep it low carb but high in protein with some fat.

Have you tried sipping a protein shake whilst you workout?

Why does everyone think carbs are the enemy :cry:

I don’t think carbs are the enemy if you are lean as you’ll likely be insulin sensitive, but if you are obese then you’ll likely have poor insulin sensitivity (e.g. insulin resistant) so should limit the amount of carbs you have until you get your bodyfat levels down.

I think I’m somewhere in the middle of being insulin sensitive/insensitive so am aiming to limit my carbs to 150g or under a day until I reach my goal of 15% bodyfat (or lower) at which point I should then be insulin sensitive thus able to take on more carbs without them being stored as fat (e.g. a lean bulk as I lift weights).

If I’ve got this wrong though, I’m happy for someone to correct me! :slight_smile:

Makes sense I am also at 21% this is my issue, I am overweight on BMI but do not look it. Need to reduce down to about 21% as you say. I did use to have a protein shake but swapped for Huel.

I wouldn’t have any knowledge of whether it’s right or wrong, but I’d honestly not look so far into it!

“Bulk until you hate yourself, cut until you hate your life”

I just keep a 40/40/20 macro balance and adjust calories. I think I bounce between 10% and 20% BF now, but can easily change weight just by managing calories to the nearest 10. :smiley:

For me breakfast is absolutely essential, not so much for my body, but my brain. I just can’t function without, I’m slow and lethargic unless I’ve chugged my 155g + whey shake :smiley:

I have a national strongman champion in my team at work who teaches me more than I can ever need. He always insists his programming and nutrition is based way more around hammering in the carbs than the protein! He often comments on how above 150g a day it’s diminishing returns and how the power plant that is how body runs purely on carbs.

I guess it depends on what your goals are. Is your workmate huge with lots of muscle hidden by bodyfat, so doesn’t have a flat stomach and lots of definition?

I myself don’t really care much for being able to bench or deadlift X amount, I’d prefer to get my bodyfat down to aesthetic levels, whereas I guess others just want to be able to lift as heavy as possible without caring about how much fat they put on alongside muscle. Jeff Capes springs to mind! :slight_smile:

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Yeah you’re right.

He’s surprisingly lean, I’d say around 15%? He has visible abs, if that’s anything to go by.

6ft5, 22 stone with a bench 1rm of 250kg, insane! Think he holds some UK record as of a few weeks ago.

But yeah, I’m the same as you, in it for the aesthetics. I’m down to around 12% now, 81kg. Aiming for 78kg before the end of June, then lean bulk until September, then dream bulk until Christmas :smiley: