Huel before exercise

I’ve been using Huel for 3 weeks now, for breakfast and lunch, then a normal meal. I’m not seeing any weight loss but am experimenting a bit with amounts (currently 100g per meal). I love the taste and am considering going completely Huel. My only concern is that the Huel isn’t settling well if I take before or during training. I love endurance stuff, marathons, ultras, ironman etc. I used to eat porridge before a long run or bike ride and that was fine. On Huel I find it repeats on me a lot during exercise. I wondered if anyone else had similar issues?

Hi @Thommo

Huel can be quite ‘heavy’. For this reason, I would make your pre- and during Huel drink more dilute and only rely on it as a nutrient top up. The basis of your nutrition for exercise should be acquired from other Huel meals.

Don’t forget, the best time to fuel for a workout is after the previous workout. So Huel makes an excellent post-workout meal.

Although not my usual process (I’ve been losing weight so training before breakfast mostly), I’ve had a shake about 30 min before a gym session and had no ill effects. Can’t imagine drinking it during, personally, but then I usually only drink water during exercise, sometimes with BCAA added, & drink my huel shakes very thick.

I’m happy to take fuel after a short workout of up to an hour. It’s my longer bike rides or runs that I worry about. I tend to head out first thing and would be out for 3-4 hours minimum, so would need to fuel prior to training.
Maybe I need to get up earleir to take on HUEL, giving it chance to settle before I head out.

I even drink some just before swimming. Not much though. Probably less than half a shaker.

Hey! I know this comment takes the long way around answering your question, but did you know that BCAA’s before your workout help to prevent muscle mass breakdown?

I’ve only just ordered my first package of Huel, and I’m more of a lifter/circuit trainer than an endurance athlete, but were I in your position, I’d definitely work in a full serving of BCAA’s with water pre workout.

If Huel isn’t settling too well with you for a pre workout, why not try a smaller serving of the powder provided by Huel, and mix it in to some water with a scoop of something else. If this doesn’t work for you and you still suffer from it repeating on you, switch out to a BCAA drink and have your bowl of porridge, then have your Huel as a post workout. From what I’ve seen so far, Huel could be one of the most powerful post workouts I’ve ever seen.