Huel x Cycling

Hi all,

I started using Huel a week ago and love the benefits it gives me. Currently i have 2 x 3 scoop shakes a day (breakfast and lunch) and will either have salmon/chicken and rice and veg in the evening. If i can’t be bothered, it’s another shake.I’ve already subscribed, so this is a long term plan for me.
My aim is to lose some weight as i’m much heavier than i used to be, or would like to be.
I’m a keen cyclist so a 3 scoop shake before a long ride is spot on.

My question is, what would people recommend for a shorter ride, or any exercise? My commute is around 20km and after a day at work i’ll need some kind of fuel to get me home.
Also, how long before exercise should i be eating to allow it to have some effect.

Apologies if these are basic questions or have been asked before.

I find due to the quantity of water I use that I need the standard hour before excercise, but reduce water and I only need about 30 mins. So maybe do 2 scoops and about 400ml water, see how that goes.

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