Huel when cycling to work

I’m looking to start cycling to and from work again. Haven’t done it in a few years and I’m actually a bit nervous about it. Not least because I haven’t rode my bike in a long time and it’s a 13 mile journey each way!

At the moment I’m Huel for breakfast and lunch, with a cooked meal in the evening. I’m consuming 1600 calories a day net to lose weight.

If I’m cycling to work, should I have my Huel before my commute to fuel it, or when I get to work for recovery? Or should I split it in half? Ideally I like to get out of the door on my bike as soon as possible after waking up.


If you can manage the cycle to work without it then there is no reason to have it before. However I find that Huel doesn’t make me bloated or give me a stitch if I consume it before exercise. If you make it before, head off without having any, then if you get peckish along the way you can pull over and have some? Then you know for next time to have some before you leave!

i used just Huel for a 50 mile cycle ride (london to brighton), and found that if i made it the less concentrated way (3 level scoops per bottle) and sipped throughout the ride, i didn’t get any cramp or otherwise ill effects. much better than that sugary crap everyone else had!

One of my favorite benefits of all this has been that when I’m on Huel, I can exercise at basically any point. Just after a bottle, no trouble. Wherein just after a big meal… not so much.

I’ve never tried exercising straight after- I’ve always left it the same as after eating solid and I find that a real bind. I’ll try it and see how it goes. Really good to know it works for you and hopefully it’ll work for me too.

I cycle to work 19 miles each way a couple of times a week and always consume Huel after, this stops you body from feeding off your muscles and is the best way. I alway find I’m hungrier when I get home after a Huel for breafast/lunch but I will burn 1600 calories by cycling.

QUOTE: In practical terms, including fasted training sessions two to three times per week where you train before breakfast can have a positive effect on your ability to use fat and enhance the effects of endurance training.

Thanks for the advice. I did my first commute in today, having no breakfast and having a Huel when I got into work. Seems to have worked out pretty well so far. I did have a big dinner last night though, which isn’t normal, so it will be interesting to see how it goes on an emptier stomach.

You will probably find you will get hungry but you bare best to have a pint of water with Huel and another pint later on, this will help and ensures your are drinking enough fluids.