Use alongside Cycling

Hey guys,

I’m new to huel but I am looking for a product that I can use alongside cycling as I currently weigh 67.8kg and I am quite lean. However, I want to cycle more without the worry of losing significant amount of weight.

I was wondering whether this would be good supply of fuel to ensure I am consuming the right amount of nutrition as I generally only really have one proper meal a day, yeah I know really bad but I prefer to have a lay in than wake up earlier to eat breakfast lol.

let me know guys, would be much appreciated!


I find it excellent food for when cycling.
Depending on how high your heart rate goes when pedalling, you may want to leave a couple of hrs after consuming it before heading off.
It’s especially great as lunch half way through a ride and post-ride too.
In fact, my cycling days are when I consume the most Huel because it’s so convenient and perfectly balanced. Other days I just have Huel for breakfast

Drinking (huel) and cycling can cause you to fall off and break your shoulder


I seen that written on the new Huel V3 pouches as well

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That morning all I had to drink was Coca-Cola :pensive:
Maybe if I’d drunk Huel for breakfast that day, I wouldn’t currently be typing with my toes…
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I find it much easier now the RTD is out. Mixing powder and shaking whilst doing 25mph downhill was quite a challenge, I couldn’t even think about adding flavour boosts :frowning:


lightweight :slight_smile: