Cycling and weight loss

Hi everyone. Just about to start a trial of Huel - the concept of it sounds fantastic, and as a scientist (unrelated field) I’m keen to give it a whirl!

My question is this… Have any cyclists amongst forum users used Huel to aid in weight loss whilst trying to maintain (or even increase) power?

I’m a keen cyclist, and am badly affected currently by my weight - I weigh around 110kg at 183cm tall.

What I am hoping to do is to lose around 25kg, but I don’t want to lose any power. All of my excess weight is on my upper body.

Any comments or advice would be great, thanks!

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Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Although I’m not a serious cyclist, and haven’t used Huel specifically for weight loss, I would just like to say that it makes great fuel for cycling. I put a couple of bottles into a rucksack, along with a couple of bottles of water, and head out for a few hours. A few mouthfuls of Huel whenever I stop to catch my breath. Perfect!

Actually, I did that on Saturday morning, cycling round the woods and getting muddy. Best way to spend a sunny summer Saturday morning, in my opinion. There’s this one bit I like to do which has a really long track all the way downhill through a big National Trust park. I freewheel it most of the way down there, frantically ringing my bell to get walkers to kindly jump out the way. What a buzz! Who needs to go to Alton Towers when you can do that for free?! :grinning:

Huel will make calculating the necessary calorie deficit to lose weight much, much easier. The effectiveness cycling has on your overall weight loss will depend on how hard and how often you cycle.

Hi guys, and thanks for the replies… I guess what I was hoping for was some advice on making sure that not only do I get the number of calories right, but the amounts of protein and carbs to make sure that I can increase power, and only lose fat. I’m really not interested in losing any muscle mass.

My rides are currently 3-4 per week, ranging from 17 to 42 miles (I have specific routes I ride to monitor performance) at average speeds of 14-16 mph.

i m not a cyclist or expert on weight loss. But i happy to suggest that, along with cycling do some workout too.Which are all used to tone the upper body, of course cycling will burn your calories, but you said your excess weight is on your upper body. So lets try and do some basic workouts to tone the upper body. And get in to a shape.Congrats buddy