When to eat huel for exercise

Hi there,
I am very new to Huel… haven’t even tasted it yet but first order on the way!

I work a 9-5 job, and atm my excersise is dance training twice a week: Mondays an intense class 6-9 and Thursdays 7-9.

My question is… how soon before going to a class should I have Huel… will I feel bloated if I have it just before, or should I leave an hour or so?

Ultimately I would want to be able to have Huel during so that I don’t tire out before the end of class, is this possible ?

Looking forward to hearing your responses and being on this journey with you all!

I’m a good swimmer and I’ve had some decent swims having Huel as close to 45 minutes before training. It’s hard to be accurate as you’re a newb and everybody adjusts to Huel in their own way but maybe try 1 hour before and see how that goes and work inwards.

Never consumed Huel during a workout so help on that.

Thanks for your quick response :grinning:

I will take your advice, I normally have around 300 calories about an hour before I guess I will replace that with a huel scoop!

I was curious as I’ve seen people say they take it with them to the gym so I wasn’t clear if that’s as possibly a post workout drink or during :thinking:

One Huel scoop is around 38g which works out to ~152 calories which isn’t going to last you 3 hours. My Huel’s are 90g which work out to 360 calories and I have one of those around 45 minutes before exercise and I’ve been fine.

I would recommend forgetting the scoop and using kitchen scales and weighing your Huel out.

Consuming Huel while weight training would probably be fine but cardio type exercise is very different to weights.

Depends what kind of class it is. You should have sufficient energy stored in your muscles to not require food before every workout. None of my pals eat before working out other than what they’ve had for their usual meals. I’m not sure it’s necessary to plan a meal for the sole purpose of fuelling your workout unless it’s perhaps a 30 mile bike ride or similar.

Normally a coffee and banana 45 minutes before a workout should be all anyone needs, unless you want to venture into preworkout supplements, which I’d stay away from unless you’re weight training.

Yes I understand what you mean, but just to be clear I am not looking to eat “extra” for a work out.
What I’m saying, is for example on a Monday, I finish work after five, travel for an hour to then go straight to class, which is until 9, so there’s no eating from lunch until almost 10 pm. Usually I will have a belvita bar on the way as it’s ok to have without offending other people on the train :sweat_smile:

So I was wondering is huel light enough that if I have some on the journey to the class if I will be too full to dance, or if it’s kind of like if I drank any other smoothie before?
I hope that makes sense !

lol… I need to improve my train etiquette. I occasionally train to London and always seem to be in a situation where I want to eat some crisps but then after opening them immediately think I shouldn’t be doing it.

Personally, I think a decent sized Huel would be perfect in that situation and then have a light dinner after dancing.

Crisps is fine! What really gets me is when people pull out some hot food like chips, and the whole cabin suddenly become ravenous vultures (me included)

Thanks for your advice! I will give it a go and let you know how it goes on like a weeks time :grinning:

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I’m not on trains that often but I’ve never been on one while someone is eating hot food. I did sit next to someone once who was asleep when I sat down and he woke up some while after and started chewing my ear off slagging off various famous people for no reason. Then he took out from his bag single pieces of sliced cheese and began nibbling on them. wtf.