Starting 2/3 Huel tomorrow, interested in runners using Huel for training


I am super hyped to start Huel tomorrow.

I am 23, f, 5’4’’ and about 10st. I am also resting after putting a peroneal ligament injury on my left foot after my first half marathon this weekend (gah!)

My Huel journey beginning has been sped up by this injury as I don’t want to put any weight on while I’m putting my foot up.

Speaking of which, what kind of weight loss have you guys experienced? I’ve been running 3-5 times a week and climbing 1-3 times a week since September and haven’t changed my diet much, I’m a veggie and have a good mixed diet with plenty of fruit and veg but haven’t really lost weight (though I have gained muscle which may have offset things). It would be nice to get a little slimmer but my fitness 100% comes before my vanity and I want to be able to run fast and climb hard.

So, runners, on your long run days how much extra huel do you have, or do you have any extra. Is it easy on your stomach and how long before a run should I have my Huel?

Is anyone else starting with Huel this week? Be cool to buddy up with a few of you and track how things go.

When I’m back running again I’ll be updating my running instagram blog and probably be writing about Huel there too, so if there’s any other Huel instagrammers say hi! :slight_smile: my user is runwithgeorgia_


I ‘think’ it’s recommended to have the Huel 2-3 hours before you run (same goes for other exercise). I’m sure someone else will be along to answer your other questions.

Good luck!

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I go running roughly twice a week. If I have a Huel less than an hour before the run then I often have the dreaded ’ Huel burps’

I’d recommend having a Huel at least two hours beforehand

The Huel bar however is a different story, I can have this around half an hour before the run with no ill effects. This is now my go to choice prior to exercise

There’s no science here, just avoiding the sicky Huel burps :mask:


Haha! Your advice has been duly noted :wink: thanks for the heads up. I’ll grab some of the bars when I next order. :slight_smile:

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I run about 60 miles a week and use Huel. I don’t have anything before my long run and I need about an extra 2000 calories afterwards so getting that through Huel isn’t fully practical.

I have made Smoothies with Huel, maple syrup, Bannanas etc to good effect (but would still struggle to get enough calories that way for post long run).

I tend to have Huel for breakfast and lunch. Also works well as a top up after runs but I still eat a proper meal.

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As others have mentioned I guess it comes down to personal preferences. I usually consume a 3 scoop huel about an hour before I go running (although I am only running 20/25 miles a week), haven’t experienced the sicky burps! Post run I look forward to nothing more than heul. I also do the same when I go circuit training, heul is most definitely human fuel!

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I go boxing 4 or 5 nights a week, sometimes for 2 hours a night doing high intensity cardio and for the last 3 weeks I’ve been living purely off huel most days. I’ve not found any problems with my performance at all.

I’ll usually drink the stuff 2 or 3 hours before class though; anything sooner and I feel a bit sick during exercise.

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I am currently running 40-50 miles a week as I build up to marathon season. I use huel as my primary fuel nowadays but am quite fortunate in that I can eat it and go very quickly afterwards with no gastric impact. I can’t run without anything in me, bonk fast so being able to chug huel then run for early morning runs is a big win.

I have done 2 marathons with huel as my night before & breakfast fuel and all good. I also ran a 12 hour overnight ultra using huel as my food on the go, it was a 10k loop so I was frequently back at my drop bag, had a 2 scoop 350ml shaker and had half of that each loop. Worked well and again I had no issues through the night, other than tiredness but I think that would have happened whatever I ate ha ha!

I tend to live 2/3 huel and have a meal at night but sometimes if I finish training late have a 100% day and I am always good to go the next day.

Good luck with your training, hope it goes well for you!


@Rabisu thank you for all your great advice and good luck to you too!

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Hi just started on Huel this week 1 or 2 times a day, transition has been smooth. Used Huel tonight pre training (1st Marathon-London) only about 30-45 mins before my run and it definitely kept energy levels up, no discomfort or anything I’ll definitely be using it for running from now on