Marathon training and Huel

I love running and I’m about to run my forth marathon in 2 years.
Every time I follow the same training from Asics and I end up underperforming. I’m targeting a sub4 marathon but my fastest was 4.07.

My main problem is not the training but keeping my weight under control. I’m quite slim but I usually start training when I’m a couple of kilos overweigh. I end up losing some weight at the beginning of the training and gaining it back while the training becomes tougher (and hence I start eating more).

I always try to eat healthy and I’ve being a vegetarian for several years. I was aware of similar products like soylent and while training I used to drink protein shakes so I was quite comfortable with switching to Huel.

I tried huel and I loved it. Since the first time I sticked to it for my breakfast. On top of that, most of the days I have it for snack in the morning and lunch as well while in the afternoon/evening I eat whatever I want.

Basically I drink 800 to 1200 calories of huel per day.

Sticking to it was a no brainer and I started noticing quite soon a lot of improvement in my energy level. I started waking up earlier (something I always struggled with), I run faster and stronger and I have been losing weight week after week. Now, one month from the marathon, my weight is stable and I’ve run my fastest 24 km run. I’m 4 kg slimmer than when I started training and I’m right at suggested weight for a runner of my height.

On top of that I did some analysis last week and everything I was tested for was perfect. Sugar levels, good and bad cholesterol, etc…

I honestly couldn’t be happier about your product.

Thank you,


Great; thanks for the feedback.

That is awesome Tullio! Roll on the marathon next month. Could this be the one do you think? Make sure you tell us what happens! All the best if we don’t speak before. Thanks for the awesome feedback.

I am also working towards a sub 4 hour marathon. So, far I have got my time down to 4:20. Which is not bad for a 52 year old. But I do want to get my weight to 70kg which means dropping 4kg. My plan is to use Huel with my protein powder twice a day, Breakfast and Lunch. I have just completed a Marathon in October so planning to recover and build up strength over the next few months and then go back to full Marathon training in January.

Update about my marathon:
I had a bike accident the week of the marathon so I had to skip the competition.

Usually when I stop training I gain at least a couple of kg and my fat percentage skyrockets.
I keep using Huel and I’m still 70 kg (not a single gram more than what I was during training). My fat percentage went from 15% to 15.8%.
Still not ideal but without Huel I would be around 18%.

I’m still super happy with Huel and I’m starting running again next week, training for Paris Marathon. Diet will be exactly the same. Only difference is that I won’t ride my motorbike right before the marathon :smile:


Hi tullio

I’m curious, how did you get on in Paris?