Marathon training and weight trainnig

Hi there and thank you :slight_smile:

new to Huel

Just wondered which are best products for me.

I’m currently training for London marathon again and I do 2 weight based PTs a week. One arms, one legs.

Where do the different Huels come into the equation?

Is it Huel protein after each PT, and a Huel Blac as and when I fancy it as a meal replacement, probably breakfast in my case and the occasional lunch?

I need to lose a little weight, maybe a stone.

40 year old Vegetarian woman who avoids dairy as much as I can.

Thank you in advance for any advice

Hi and welcome.

I am 45F and also Training for the London Marathon. Not the real one in London, but the virtual one on October 3rd. I also supplement with light bodyweight training 2x per week.

I have a little weight to lose, just a few kilos, but I won’t worry about that until after the marathon, then I will switch back to weight training and sprints as my main exercise and it will soon come off.

I have been using Huel for a couple of years now and have settled into a bit of a routine. I also do not eat dairy due to intolerance and Huel is great for this.

This is my current routine:

Breakfast - 60g V3 Chocolate with 1 scoop Complete Protein or 90g Black Edition Salted Caramel made with half soya milk and half water. Really the choice comes down to what flavour I fancy.

Lunch - 1 serving Hot and Savoury (1 scoop Tomato and 1 scoop Madras is my favourite)

Dinner - Chicken Salad or Chicken and Rice type main meal.

Post Run - Fruit smoothie with half a banana, 100g frozen fruit, 60g soy yogurt, 1 scoop Complete Protein (Strawberry & Cream) and 300ml water.

Snacks - whatever I fancy if I need to bump up my calories for the day.

I hope this helps but happy to chat more if you like as we are on a similar path at the moment.


Hey Clare, best of luck with your training!

We’ve got a couple of exercise articles which can help you here.

With info on nutrition and exercise and pre- and post-workout nutrition.

When doing lots of cardio (marathon training) carbs are your friend so I’d recommend v3.0 over Black Edition. Huel Complete Protein is great for helping you hit your protein goals with minimal calories so it’s best to look at the rest of your diet and see if you need it.


Good luck with your training, a marathon is still on my list to do as I have never ran anymore than Half. Maybe next year!

It will vary for different people, depending on your goals and activity, but here is how I approach it.

I am 49M and try and maintain 73kg, I have a pretty sedentary job, but workout to a reasonable intensity 5-6 times a week.

Based on my activity I try and target 2,800-3,000 kcal on training days and 1,800 on rest days. With this info I can then workout my macros:

75kg = 161lbs
I try and take in 1g of protein per 1lb
so this 161g
*4kcal per g means that 644kcal will come from protein.

Next Fat
I try and take in 80g of fat on training days and 100g on rest days.
80g of fat is 720kcal (based on 9kcal per g).

Finally Carbs
My fat and protein come to 1,364kcal.
So on training days I need another 1,500kcal from carbs.

Rest days, the additional fat means that I only need 300kcal of carbs.

This is where Black is helpful.
For training days White is about perfect for my macros (I have about 200g of huel for breakfast and the same for lunch, and then 1000kcal from other food).

On rest days I use Black to help keep carbs low, but still hit 161g of protein, and 100g of fat.

Sorry for all the info, hopefully some of it helps.