100% huel and marathon training

Hey all,

I’m looking to go 100% huel I am currently marathon training and wondering if anyone is on huel and doing the same. If so has it affected your running. I worry that it wont fuel me enough?
So yeah if anyone has any experiences to share that would be fab!

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I’m not marathon training, but I have been doing HIIT on Huel only and found it fine. I just calculated the calories I wanted , and consumed that though Huel. Simples!

Huel will be easy in that you know pretty much the exact calories in each scoop. I’m running both the full Brighton & London marathons next year and I’ll be heavily using Huel during training.

The only thing I’d suggest is sorting out salt & electrlites during training. Which will probably be in the form of Lucozade Sport, Lucozade Sport Elite and Gatorade.

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Possibly this is a bit late for you now but I have recently started using Huel while running so thought I would add my experiences for any others who find this thread. I have been using Huel for about 2 1/2 weeks now, started with 1 shake a day while still training, no adverse effects so moved swiftly up to 2 or 3 a day with a meal at night, usually pasta based, not training driven, I just quite like pasta & mince for tea!

After about 10 days I had a big mileage weekend planned as I am training for an ultra, went to eat on Saturday morning but as I had been using Huel had no cereal in the house which is my normal pre run food, didn’t want to delay due to the forecast heat of the day so gambled on a Huel, figured what was the worst that could happen…

Ended up doing marathon distance with no issues, felt a bit hungry on occasion but had some Kendal mint cake with me as well as gels & that served pretty well. Next day was a shorter run, but more hills so straining the body in different ways, I had gone all Huel after Saturdays run & again on Sunday morning before this & was very pleased with how energy levels held up & I also felt like I was running clean, the body had good fuel to draw on I think. Unplanned but I had to go & get my car on Monday morning so had a gentle 6 mile run/walk recovery trip again on Huel & again with no issues.

All in all I am quite encouraged with how this will work out, I will experiment with taking some on the long runs for the next ultra, bit late for this one as beginning taper soon but hope that the body will adapt to taking this on well during exercise too. I wouldn’t necessarily advise anyone to jump straight in like I did just in case of any gastric issues, always something we runners have to be aware of, but based on my experience definitely worth looking at. One big win is being able to travel & still know exactly what you will have for breakfast on race day.

Hope your training goes well, if I suddenly encounter any changes which alter my current view I will let you know.



Absolutely, always best to train with these things before using them for long distance exertions, as with all gels and drinks etc. Really happy that it worked out well for you, it sounds a like a real accidental win and could be great going forward for your training.

Thank you for the update!