Huel during marathon

I’m interested if anyone has ever used Huel during a marathon, in place of gel packs or similar for re-fueling.

I generally run on Huel, recently completed a half marathon and was just Huel beforehand (2x scoops around 6AM, 1x scoop around 8:15AM for a 9:30AM start) which worked well for me.

I’m now starting my marathon training, part of which will be working out how to re-fuel during the race, and am interested if anyone has any experience with using Huel for this.

Possibly a bar….
I personally wouldn’t drink Huel in the middle of intense exercise but that’s just me. There’s no way I could digest it - all my blood is going to my muscles!
Energy gels are ideal because it’s pure glucose and fuels your muscles without taking energy to your stomach and away from your heart and muscles.
I always use Huel immediately after intense exercise however - it’s the perfect balance of carbs and protein plus minerals that helps me recover faster

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I can’t see having Huel during exercise being a good idea. The shortest digestion time I’ve worked out is 45 minutes for a 90g shake and that’s close to the border. I’ve had less before but it’s been uncomfortable when being in the gym

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@mattm591 - Have you tried Tailwind? I used it for Brighton marathon a few years back and didn’t need anything else. The other gels were too sickly IMO and my gut feel, as others have suggested, is that Huel might be too heavy on the digestion while running. Tailwind, IMO, treads a good middle ground. It helped me get through labour with my second child (I count that as an ultra!) so they must be doing something right :slight_smile:

Yeah I can see digestion being an issue. I was considering small sips, but it’s probably not the most convenient either way!

@maclynnie Thanks for the suggestion, will try their gels out!

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