Huel for Ironman

Hey guys! I’ve been using Huel for about 3 months now and I am really impressed. It’s not 100% of my diet, probably only 30%, but it’s been great and I love the taste and sustained energy it gives me.

I race Ironman once or twice a year and I have a race in 3 months and I’m considering using Huel as my race nutrition. Does anyone have any experience with this or with Huel for endurance events?

My thinking is the following:

  • Having Huel everyday my stomach is used to it and I don’t get any GI problems.
  • It seems more natural to race with the foods you eat everyday, as opposed to switching to an unnatural product just for training and race day.
  • I currently use Ucan which is very good and very clean, however I find that I get hungry late on in the bike with Ucan. Huel is thicker and satisfies my hunger better.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated and also if this could work what it could be supplemented with to get everything I need during the race. Thanks!

The only problem I’d see potentially is going to be the heat. If you’re racing anywhere hot it could be an issue. Personally I’ve taken a bottle of Huel with me for a days archery in only about 20 degree heat and by the time I went to drink it after about four hours in that temperature it seemed to have turned and quite frankly was undrinkable.

Thanks for the reply! The race is New York and it’s likely to be hot, however I don’t pre-mix the bottles before the race. I add the water on the course at the aid stations, so they will be drank within the hour, so should be ok. Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi Ben. Did you do this in the end?
If so. What was the outcome?

Hey, yes I did try this at Lake Placid Ironman and also a few marathons and half marathons. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, as I kept being sick late on in the races. It was better on the longer races, but when my heart rate went up towards the end of the race it came back up.

I still love Huel as a meal replacement, but just wouldn’t use it as an endurance drink. I now use Hammer Perpetuem which is working well for me.


Thanks for the feedback on that. I was going to trial Huel on my next Ironman but I did it so fast I didn’t have time :grinning: Seriously though amazing effort on your endurance accomplishments, incredible! Would you use Huel as a post race meal?

Yes I would definitely use it as a post race meal, however I tend to go for the full English breakfast with triple serving of black pudding. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Huel is really great though, I have used it for about 3 years now and I still like the taste.

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