Using Huel for the first time

This is my first day on Huel.

My plan at the moment is to have it replace my breakfast everyday but so far today its not going well I have no issue with the actually drinking it Huel i Pre-made it last night and took it in work this morning, the taste was fine and i slowly shipped it over the course of an hour.

since drinking it i have been the toilet about 5 times and feel so hungry, I’ve read a lot of people say that it gave them “Toilet Issues” for the first few days so hopefully i’ll be felling a little better by the end of the week.

At the moment i weigh 17 stone and run regular , training again for a marathon next year currently running about 20 miles a week and building on that every week.

I will report back later in the week with an update of how its going.

Thank you for the feedback. It’s great to have you on the team and to hear how the first impressions have been. Do keep us posted on how your stomach settles down.

If you are feeling hungry I would be interested to know how you have been making Huel and how much you have been eating? With the amount of running you are doing I expect you could be eating significantly less than the 500kcal deficit we recommend. Do just have have a look on the Calorie Calculator to check where you should be at. 1g of Huel is 4kcal.

My recipe was 3 scoops ,ice cube’s ,400ml and tea spoon of coffee left the the fridge over night and topped up with water in the morning,

I really had a bad stomach all day yesterday and still in a bit of pain today, today I’ve done the same but used coco powder instead of coffee.

I’ve not been running for a few days due to IT band issue so just resting recorded what i ate on myfitness pal and i was 700cal short yesterday.