When to have Huel

I do a lot of work and I am only able to work out between 4pm and 6pm.
I want to integrate Huel powder into my nutrition but I don’t know whether to drink it pre-workout, during workout or post-workout. Also, I do athletics training on a track and some workouts are just sprinting and some are heavy lifting.

Also, does it matter if I eat a high protein meal at breakfast even though I don’t workout out till late afternoon? (Not huel related).

Nutrition timing is not terribly important. I would have Huel a few hours before workout and immediately post-workout, but that’s mostly for convenience. Whatever works best for you. During workout I just drink water.

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I personally wouldn’t drink huel during a workout or for at least 2 hours before.
It is a full meal remember (it’s not a quickly absorbed energy or protein drink) so you can get acid reflux, indigestion, or cramps if you eat and work-out.

I find it perfect as a post-workout meal. I drink it immediately after - as I’m walking out the gym! As it has carbs and protein it works for both recovery after cardio, and muscle building / repair after a weights session.

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If you’re having a standard Huel of 400-500kcal then I would treat it like a meal not a protein powder like Christina said a couple of hours before your workout or after will do the trick.

Not massively, it depends on how easy you find it to hit your protein targets for the day. Having a high protein breakfast can make this easier.