Eating too late

HI i am after some advice on Huel products, due to work and family, i and not able to exercise untill late and i end up having my main meal about 9-10pm which is way to late.

or if i have it about 7-8pm, i leaving it to late to exercise.

so i was wondering which product would be good to have just before i exercise as a replacement for a main meal. so i can have it about 5-6pm.

3 scoops of the Huel powder with water should replace a main meal. You can experiment to see if you need more/less. There are different flavours of the powder but they have the same nutritional value

I always have Huel powder before I exercise. I have it 1 hour before swimming or gym (inc. cardio) and 1.5 hours before running.

Yeah Huel will be fine for this, even if you only took maybe 2 scoops an hour before so it was lighter on your stomach?

Thanks that helps,

also with being type 2 Diabetic eating late does not help, i have also looked at othe replacement meal shakes and Huel seams to be the one with the least sugars in only 1.2G per 100g, other i have seen was 27g for 100g,

so looks like Huel is the one to get


Give it a go I am sure you will be pleased and the thing is you can make the powder up the night before and put the next day’s worth in the fridge ready.