Protein powder

Could i use Huel as a protein powder, post workout?

Well, it’s not.

That said, it’s a nutritious meal post workout.

It’s probably better as a recovery meal!

HI Kerry, good question! As @andeem has mentioned, Huel isn’t a protein powder. However, actually we believe your body needs a lot more than just protein after intense exercise. Huel contains a balance of fat, carbohydrate and protein, fibre and vitamins and minerals - all of which your body craves after exercise. So yes, Huel would be an awesome post exercise meal.

And with 30g of protein per 100g of Huel is high in protein too.

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A number of gym goers are using Huel as a post-workout shake.

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200ml whole milk, 3 scoops Huel and a scoop of whey. Best post workout shake you’ll ever find!

Most definitely - vegan lifters use pea protein post workout, which is a large component of Huel - plus you need a decent carb source to replace glycogen stores.

Negative would be the fact that you generally want fast digesting carbs and protein pwo, which oats aren’t, however in the grand scale of things it probably doesn’t matter unless you’re an athlete at the extreme edge of your performance.

Huel is probably the best thing you could consume after a workout. Like Tim said, you need a lot more than protein after a workout. I’ve known people in the past when chugging protein shakes and working out was a trend in school, and that’s basically all they did it felt like. They prioritized protein shakes over real food.

I tend to crave solid food post workout a lot unfortunately, so eating unhealthy or healthy solid foods post workout is a thing now and then for me. I notice the difference in amount of energy restored, how much better I feel compared to both and so on.