Using Huel with gym routines?

Has anybody here used Huel whilst following a comprehensive gym routine? I spend roughly 2 hours a day at the gym combining cardio with moderate lifting, would i need to massively substitute? Would i have to continue on the protein shakes or is there enough in this?

If theres been any similar forum posts feel free to link me as i’m a retard on forum searching.



Hi @Matt_Ryder8840,

Huel provides everything you need, carbs, fats, and protein.

Per 2000 cals there is 150g of protein and the amino acid profile is good, so you won’t need protein shake.

there is some more info here:

Huel is being used by a lot of bodybuilders

I’m doing up to 4 hours a day gym work (post-surgery physio, and I’m a competitive taekwondo athlete so getting back into form). Huel enabled me to replace the half dozen or so pre- and post-workout supplements I used previously, for a single food source. The results so far have been better than expected - higher quality of sleep, no hunger pangs, meeting all my micro/macro requirements, maintaining my body weight (essential for my sport) and reducing body fat.

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