HUELP ME, HUELP ME! ^ protein content of Huel by mixing with

Hi all, I’m a fairly long in the tooth gym rat and no stranger to supps ‘n’ shakes… Have been Hueling a while now and whilst generally impressed I have to agree with some of the dissatisfaction with ‘newer’ incarnations, though not to the same degree as apparently quite a few peeps…

To the point, I’m considering a ‘concoction’ with Huel and another brand (that shall remain nameless out of courtesy) that offers a bespoke mixing service (you may have worked it out!) but just simply to get more protein (or less carbs) in the shape of brown rice and pea protein and a couple of other useful bits in my bevy.

Anyone had any similar ideas/experiences? Got any suggestions/tips?

I sometimes throw some whey protein into the mix. I usually do this if I didn’t eat enough protein from other sources during the day, but sometimes to make it mix better. Adding a little whey protein massively improves the mixability/solubility of the Huel powder.

Indeed, have experimented with mixing Whey isolate from a certain other brand with Huel as I’m a loyal Hueler and having seen the improvements to texture and mixability I then found the other brand offers a bespoke mixing service… Basically, I’m on a quest to drop (fat) weight at the moment so the high(er/ish) carb content of Huel isn’t ideal but for me the general nutritional profile is v good so kinda want me cake and eat it… Am thinking Huel ‘as is’ would be great once I’m at target weight/body composition or at least trying to ^ FFM and can play around with just Heul/others for individual feeds but at the moment I want the micros without the macros, for want of a better way of putting it… Only consideration is how much of one I have to forfeit in return for the other…

Oh, kinda important, I’m researching/considering a ‘vegan lifestyle’ but trying to figure out how to optimise nutritional before committing to it… And I own/run a gastro pub restaurant… Just to make it a rea challenge! :-/